Subhash - School of Management and Public Administration

Dr. Subhash Appana   

Position: Senior Lecturer

Email: subhash.appana(at)

Phone: +679-3232617

Room: S127



Dr. Subhash Appana is a Senior Lecturer in Management and Public Administration. He has over 25 years of experience in teaching, research, consultancy and executive training for industries in Fiji, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.  Subhash joined USP in 1991 after completing an MA (International Business) from Sophia University in Japan. In 1994 he returned to Japan as a Japan Foundation Fellow and worked with the Japan Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and the Japan Management Association (JMA). Subhash completed his PhD (D-Phil) at Swinburne University (Melbourne) in the field of Governance and Reforms. Prior to this, he taught at LL Ohbunsha Japan (1988-90), the University of Auckland (2002-4) and was Research Coordinator MBA (2009-12) at the Auckland Institute of Studies.


A respected researcher and political commentator, Subhash has presented and published a considerable number of papers on: quality and productivity management, public sector reforms, governance, civil aviation, international education, leadership, etc. Subhash’s involvement in training and development has not been confined to academia; he has conducted a wide range of training in leadership development and performance management for both the public and private sectors. Some of his clients include: AusAID, Transparency International, Pacific Islands Centre for Public Administration (PICPA), Social Leadership Training Institute (SLTI), Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF), Fiji Public Service Commission, Telecom Fiji Limited, Fiji Airways, Ministry of Health (Kiribati), etc.



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