Buriata -  School of Management and Public Administration

Buriata Eti Tofinga

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Room: S205


Buriata Eti Tofinga joined the school as a Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistant in 2013 and 2017 respectively. She currently completes the final stage of her PhD in Management and Public Administration from USP. She hold a Master of Commerce in Strategy and Innovation from the University of Sydney Business School in Australia, and a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration in Economics and International Business from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Born and raised in Kiribati, she attended King George V & Ellaine Bernacchi School in Kiribati before continuing studies abroad. Buriata spent 4 years working in areas of investment facilitation and business advisory at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives in Kiribati as an Industry Promotion Officer, and Foreign Investment officer. She also worked for almost a year as a Project Officer for the UNDP-funded Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) Project with the Department of Environment in Fiji. She joined the Remote and Rural Enterprise Program (RARE) at the University of Sydney Business School in 2012, where she conducted an exploratory study with a waste management social enterprise located in the remote towns of Tuncurry-Forster (New South Wales) to understand market opportunities and product attributes for Recycled Organic Products. She also worked as a professional intern with the Pacific Islands Trade and Invest Sydney Office and with Fair Business (now known as Food Ladder) where she gained practical knowledge of the challenges faced by social enterprises in Australia.  Buriata continued her research into the operational challenges of social enterprises in remote Oceania, especially Pacific island countries. Social enterprises are hybrid organizations such as cooperatives, fair trade organizations, community-based enterprises, indigenous-based enterprises, non-profit and church operated enterprises or companies engaging in commercial activities while primarily focusing on pursuing a social/environmental mission. These organizations are challenging to manage due to their triple bottom line, sometimes paradoxical logics and evolving complex institutional environments.



Tofinga, Buriata Eti and Douglas, Heather and Singh, Gurmeet (2016) Female leadership styles in Fijian social enterprises. [Conference Proceedings]

Buriata Eti-Tofinga, Heather Douglas, Gurmeet Singh (2015). Influence of evolving culture on leadership: a study of Fijian cooperativesEuropean Business Reviewhttps://doi.org/10.1108/EBR-10-2015-0122

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