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Student Evaluation of Course (SEC)

The Student Evaluation of Course is administered by the Planning & Quality Office from week 10 to the study week of every semester. It is an online survey whereby undergraduate student taking 100, 200 and 300 levels provide a feedback about their courses. The objectives of this survey are:

The reports are generated and forwarded to the Deans for distribution to the relevant members of the faculties. 

SEC Results can be accessed here (Staff Login)

Graduate Destination Survey (GDS)

The Graduate Destination Survey is administered every semester, two weeks prior to the graduation by the Planning & Quality Office. The purpose of the survey is to collect employment related data such as:

The GDS provides an indicator whether or not University graduates are getting employed after completing their studies. Further the information is helpful in understanding labour mobility especially on graduate intake by the different types of industries. The GDS also provides information on which qualifications are in demand and this information can assist in the career planning of new students. 

In the GDS, graduates are also requested to provide their overall satisfaction rating for their respective programmes. 

GDS Reports 

Total Experience Survey (TES) 

The Total Student Experience Survey is an annual survey is designed to ascertain how the University is supporting undergraduate students achieve success in their programmes. Undergraduate students provide their ratings against the aspects of their University experience. The survey is administered by the Planning and Quality Office. The feedback is used to help the University in enhancing student success. 

The survey covers the following aspects of the student experience: Student Inclusion and Engagement, Learning and Teaching, Support Services, Overall Education Experience, Demographics, Linking Programme to Real World. 

This survey has online reporting system and generates 10 stratified online (printable) reports. 

These include 5 TES Overall Reports (which aggregates all campuses) and 5 Campus Specific Reports. 

TES Overall Reports  (Aggregates All Campuses)

TES Campus Specific Reports

1.USP Overall

(All Campuses combined; All Faculties combined)

1.       Campus Overall  
(By Specific Campus e.g. Laucala, Alafua, Emalus; All Faculties combined)


(All Campuses combined; Disaggregated by Faculty FBE, FSTE, FALE)

2.       Faculty
(By Specific Campus e.g. Laucala, Alafua, Emalus; Disaggregated by Faculty  FBE, FALE, FSTE)


(All Campuses combined; Disaggregated by School e.g. SOE, SOL, SOAF)

3.       School   
(By Specific Campus e.g. Laucala, Alafua, Emalus; Disaggregated by School e.g. SOE, SOL, SOAF)


(All Campuses combined; Disaggregated by Programme e.g. BEd. BSc.)

4.       Programme  
(By Specific Campus e.g. Laucala, Alafua, Emalus; Disaggregated by Programme e.g. BEd. BSc.)

5.      Discipline                       

(All Campuses combined; Disaggregated by Discipline e.g. Accounting, Agriculture, Chemistry)

5.       Discipline             

(By Campus e.g. Laucala, Alafua, Emalus; Disaggregated by Discipline e.g. e.g. Accounting, Agriculture, Chemistry)

Each of these reports provide further disaggregated information by three distinct cohorts: First Year Students, Continuing Students and, Final Year Students. 

Please login to access TES reports (Staff Login) 

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