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Mulomulo Secondary School Wins the USP Lautoka Campus’ HRMV Debate

Dr Devi awarding trophy
Judges Panel


The atmosphere at Mulomulo Secondary School was electrifying as the hosting school was declared champion of the Human Rights and Moral Values (HRMV) Debate for 2017.

Organised by the University of the South Pacific (USP) Lautoka Campus, the debate finals was held in Nadi on Wednesday, 21st June.

Based on the controversial topic of youths leaving the country after graduation to explore better career or job prospects in more developed countries, the academic debate was fiercely contested by finalists Mulomulo Secondary School and Nawai Secondary School.

Mulomulo team defended the human rights case with their affirmative stance that “Individuals have the right to move and settle in more developed countries if they want”.  Nawai team, whilst supporting the human values approach on the topic, refuted that “Individuals should not forget their obligation towards their country of birth”.

The competition was aimed at creating awareness of both the basic human rights of an individual as a citizen of Fiji and the cultural, traditional and moral values that characterize Fiji’s multi-cultural community.

HRMV Debate Coordinator Sangeeta Ram said that in the long-term, by involving high school students, the project was preparing a generation of critical and practical thinkers who would be well versed with the basic human rights and the multicultural norms associated with their identity.

Mrs. Ram said this competition would enable the senior secondary scholars to realize their rights and responsibilities and also comprehend their greater role as the future leaders of the nation.

She said the debate aspect of the competition presented students with the opportunity to analyse issues and identify solutions. “They would learn organization and clarity, together with developing overall public speaking skills,” said Mrs. Ram.

Chief guest, USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi, in her opening address, said debates like this not only built capacity of the debaters but it also created awareness of human rights aspects and moral values aspects of the issue or topic concerned.

Dr. Devi said that understanding both the aspects would further improve one’s thought process, action and eventually the standard of living. 

“This concept can be applied to numerous issues that we encounter daily while living in a diverse society, not only of ethnicity, but also of class, gender, faith, politics and much else,” she said.

Both Dr. Devi and Mrs. Ram acknowledged the valuable contribution of the teachers and principals of the respective schools who had supported their participating teams in not only preparing them for this competition but motivating them to perform to such exceptional standard.  

On a very encouraging note, Mrs. Ram also expressed her appreciation to the participating students for displaying a keen interest in this debate and for their passion and enthusiasm towards this competition that was evident in their performance.

The contest finals was judged by USP Lautoka Campus staff Siniva Laupepa who was the chief judge, Shaleshni Prasad and Motufaga Wise.

Members from both teams were awarded a certificate of participation together with a Parker pen. The runner-up received a Runner-up shield each as well as a prize pack including USP Branded Mug and Cap. Each winner received a Winner’s shield plus a prize pack comprising USP branded items.  The winner school was awarded the 2017 HRMV Debate Trophy. Each of the teachers-in-charge of the finalist teams and the respective principals were also presented a token of appreciation each from USP.

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