New USP Strategic Plan 2019-2024

SP 2019-2024

Feedback on Council Approved Vision, Mission, Core Values, Priority Areas and Objectives

The Council resolved to:

(i) Approve the proposed Vision, Mission, Core Values, Priority Areas and Objectives to enable further guidance on the preparation of the new Strategic Plan in time for next Council in May 2018;

(ii) Note that there will be a half-day workshop before the May 2018 Council meeting to consider a further update on the draft new Strategic Plan and another half-day workshop before the November 2018 Council meeting to finalise the new Strategic Plan; and

(iii) Invite Council members to send their comments on the new Strategic Plan to the Secretary to Council.

Council Approved Vision, Mission, Core Values, Key Priority Areas and Objectives for NSP 2019-2024


Excellence in uniquely Pacific learning and innovation for the sustainable development of Pacific Islands Peoples


  1. To provide Pacific people with a comprehensive range of excellent and relevant tertiary qualifications and pathways, delivered innovatively;
  2. To conserve, celebrate and strengthen Pacific languages, cultures and heritage through teaching, research, policy advice and ICT applications;
  3. To provide communities and countries in the Pacific region with relevant, cost effective and sustainable solutions, including entrepreneurship, to their main challenges;
  4. To conduct and deliver the benefits of advanced research and innovation to provide cost effective sustainable solutions and policy advice; and
  5. To be the exemplar of tertiary education for the Pacific Islands in quality, governance, application of technology and collaboration with national tertiary institutions.

Core Values

  1. Commitment and loyalty of staff and students to the institution and the Pacific region;
  2. Commitment to academic freedom and highest standards of governance, leadership, integrity, transparency and ethical behavior;
  3. Highest standards of creativity, innovation, teamwork and flexibility in the pursuit of excellence;
  4. Investments in staff, rewarding staff excellence, and empowerment of all USP teams;
  5. Respect and celebrate our distinctiveness and diversity in our Pacific heritage and its development, preservation and dissemination;
  6. Commitment to regional cooperation and integration;
  7. Positive, safe and inclusive environments;
  8. Support for flexible learners in all locations for success in work, life and citizenship;
  9. Protection and nurturing of the environment; and
  10. Strong relationships to guide engagement with national governments, Pacific communities, and development partners.

Priority Areas & Objectives

  • Priority Area 1: Learning and Teaching

    1: To deliver a world class pedagogy and curriculum across all campuses with emphasis on digitally-enhanced learning.
    2: Provide future-focused programmes that are relevant and responsive to the needs of the region.
    3: Continuous improvement of the quality of teaching throughout the University.
    4: Ensure student success and levels of employability commensurate with world class pedagogy and curriculum.

    Priority Area 2: Student Support

    5: Improve equity of student services across all campuses.
    6: Create a student community with high levels of awareness of health and safety issues and respect for others.
    7: Strengthen Pacific consciousness and cohesiveness.

    Priority Area 3: Research, Innovation and Internationalization

    8: To enhance the University as the Research & Innovation Hub and the Centre for Graduate Education for the Pacific Region.
    9: Internationalise the culture, engagement and impact of the University as the Pacific leader in Research & Education.
    10: Be recognised for excellence in research, innovation and internationalisation in a world university ranking system.

    Priority Area 4: Digitalization

    11: Ensure that the digital provision adequately meets the University’s needs across all the campuses.
    12: Enhance USP's lead role in the region’s digital developments.
    13: Develop automation and business intelligence and develop enhanced analytics.
    14: Establish a Pacific Knowledge Hub.

    Priority Area 5: Regional Campuses

    15: Enhance the role and potential of regional campuses as exemplars in higher education.
    16: Enhance in-country provision of programmes, particularly Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
    17: Strengthen capacity of regional campuses to offer education, research and advisory services.
    18: To extend the reach of USP through the inclusion of other countries.

  • Priority Area 6: Our People

    19: Develop and implement strong and effective human resources strategies, policies and practices aligned to University's strategic objectives and corporate goals.
    20: Transform the University’s Human Resource Information Systems, including automation, to Match Best-Practice Internationally.
    21: Ensure USP has the right staff able to deliver the University’s vision of excellence: a world-class tertiary institution.
    22: Ensure the development of regional talent and overall development of staff.
    23: Become an Exemplar of Cultural Competence.

    Priority Area 7: Governance, Management, Leadership and Continuous Improvement

    24: To further strengthen University governance.
    25: Strengthen Senior Management, its processes and systems (To review current SMT Structure to align with the objectives of the new SP).
    26: To ensure quality is paramount across all University processes and functions.
    27: To ensure the financial sustainability of all University operations.
    28: Market and reposition the University.
    29: Strengthen institutional research and analytics.

    Priority Area 8: Regional Cooperation and Integration

    30: Further strengthen strategic and development partnerships through effective participation in the Council of the Regional Organisation of the Pacific (CROP) mechanism.
    31: Effectively coordinate regional engagement within the University and link effectively within the context of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.
    32: Enhance stakeholder, community and civic engagement.
    33: Effective engagement and support towards PICs under current and emerging development and global/international issues.

    Priority Area 9: Sustainability

    34: Build capacity in the region for sustainable development.
    35: Assist countries in their efforts to build resilience for sustainable development.
    36: Convert USP into a Green University.








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Your Feedback

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