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Science or Social Science?

The Science stream at RMI-USP is suited to students who aspire to work in such fields as Engineering, Medicine, Marine Science, Environmental Management, Dentistry, or Science Education.The Social Science stream is suited to students who aspire to become Accountants, Lawyers, Economists, Sociologists, or Teachers.English and Math are compulsory for all students.

Preliminary Program
The Preliminary Program is designed to bridge any gap between high school and the requirements of the RMI-USP Joint Education Program. This makes sure you will be prepared for the demands of the Foundation Program.

The Science subjects are:
Pre-Tertiary English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

The Social Science subjects are:
Pre-Tertiary English, Mathematics, History/Politics, Geography, Accounting, and Economics.
As well as English and Math, you must choose three other subjects.

Foundation Program
The Foundation Program prepares you for further study at any University. 
On graduation, you will receive a Certificate in Foundation Studies.

The Science subjects are:
Communication and Study Skills, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.
These subjects are the same for semesters one and two.

The Social Science subjects for the first semester are:
Communication and Study Skills, Mathematics for Social Science, Pacific History, Pacific Islands Geography, Accounting, Study of Society and Culture, and Foundation Economics.

The subjects for the second semester are:
Communication and Language, Foundation Mathematics, Issues in Pacific Politics, Human Ecology, Basic Accounting, and Introduction to Pacific Societies.
You will take five subjects in the first semester and four in the second semester.

Entry Requirements and Registration
Entry requires successful completion of high school or equivalent. All students must pay the registration fee of $100 for each semester. This can be paid in installments throughout the semester. No transcripts are released unless registration fees are cleared.

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