Office of DVC Education

Improving the Equity of Student Services

To improve the equity of student services, we have developed and are in the process of implementing the University Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy. We also have in 2017 strengthened the bursary and scholarship schemes allowing wider participation, with FJ$1 million committed to bursaries to help support students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and FJ$150,000 dollars for scholarships for high achievers under the Pacific Academic Excellence (PAE) Awards.

The University has worked with regional member countries to help develop financing schemes with Governments and Financial Institutions for tertiary students. A position paper was sent to the Chair of The Fiji Tertiary Scholarships & Loans Board (TSLB), presented at the Fiji Top Executives (TOPEX) annual conference, and sent to the Solomon Island Government and Kiribati Government, both of whom are seeking to develop loans schemes to fund expansion of the provision of higher education.