Office of DVC Education

First Year Entry

The University is unusual in that it is owned by 12 member countries, and one consequence of this is widely varying high school systems, and a multitude ways in which students can gain entry to study. The University Handbook & Calendar shows students may gain entry from its own Foundation programmes, Fiji Year-13 exams, the South Pacific Board for Educational Assessment (SPNEA) exams, New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), University of Samoa Foundation, and Form 7 from other countries. The entry 'landscape' is further complicated by the fact that Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga all removed scaling of external exam marks in recent years, and the Fiji Ministry of Education requested the University review its entry from aggregate best 4 subjects total of 250, down to 200, which Senate approved in 2015.

Given this complexity of entry requirements the Office of the DVC LTSS conducted a research project on first year entry that looked at these entry requirements to see if they are good predictors of success for university-level study. These findings suggested they were generally good predictors, but that the Fiji Year-13 entry mark should be raised, and somewhat surprisingly, school exam subject marks, with a few exceptions, were not good predictors of success in the same subject at university. Senate 2 of 2017, decided the results needed replication for the 2017 year, before making any change to the current entry marks.