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Future Role

Land having central role in the Pacific nations, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Land Management and Development Department was first established at USP in 1981 and, prior to the establishment of a Faculty structure, the Department of Land Management and Development was located in the School of Social and Economic Development. Land Management and Development was established as a School at the beginning of 2011. In the past, it had been a Division of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment and prior to that it was a Department in the Faculty of Islands and Oceans. The School’s central aspiration remains - to realize the potential of its related land focused disciplines. Also make significant contribution to the sustainable development of land and the environment in the Pacific region. This can only be achieved through its teaching and research. School of Land Management and Development is well-placed, by virtue of its location and experience, to become a significant regional centre of teaching and research on the sustainable development of land. There is an ongoing dispute on land that has customary or native title that create challenges for land managers and other key players.

Having faced these problems, the School is mindful of the fact that land management and the future of profession need focusing in the specialization of professional functions in different areas in the real estate sector. In view of the global warming and climate change the real estate property decisions are becoming more critical and challenging to the real estate professionals than ever before. To find solution to these pressing issues our graduates must acquire knowledge and equipped with modern technology, training, understanding and experience to deal with these problems. In the recent years, real estate is becoming a very important portfolio in the investment sector thus, increasing the role of land management professionals as advisers to the investors.

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