Office of DVC Education

USP Staff Attributes

The commitment of USP's staff to the Vision, Mission, and Values of the University is embedded in the following attributes:

  • Commitment and loyalty to the institution and its mission;
  • Honesty and integrity in personal and professional interactions in the work environment, including the highest standards of academic conduct;
  • A strong student-centred approach to learning and teaching;
  • Highest standards of creativity, innovation, teamwork, cooperation and flexibility in the pursuit of excellence;
  • Respect for the distinctiveness and diversity of our Pacific heritage and dedication towards its development, preservation and dissemination;
  • A responsible attitude towards a healthy work-life balance;
  • A positive and proactive stance towards customer service;
  • Respectful and ethical behaviour;
  • A collegial and cooperative attitude that contributes towards building a more cohesive university community.

Guidelines for Completion of USP Course Outline Template

A guideline on how to fill in various sections of the USP Course Outline Template is available here.