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In terms of the ACIAR scholarship scheme, Forestry is an area which has had limited interest from research students. There is a need for more research carried out in forestry. Therefore in 2017 two scholarships will be awarded for applicants interested in pursuing a Master's by research associated with an ACIAR related Forestry project. Successful applicants will begin their program in Semester 1, 2018 at USP.  

The ACIAR forestry program future focus (per the 2013 ACIAR forestry program strategy) aims to:

In the context of the ACIAR-USP Postgraduate scholarship scheme there are four ACIAR forestry projects to which interested applicants can align their research to. More information on these can be found by viewing the ACIAR-USP 2018 Forestry projects. In addition to this, academics involved will hold public seminars to assist interested applicants with information on how to apply for the ACIAR-USP scholarships. Details of the presentations are given in the table below. If you wish to be added to the mailing list to be kept updated about presentations please contact Mr. Viliamu Powell via email viliamu.powell(at)




Prof. Helen Wallace (Project leader FST2014/067)

ACIAR forest research in the Pacific Ė so much more than timber!

Friday 18th August 12:00pm at the N111 Lecture theatre.

Dr. Kevin Glencross


September. Date and venue to be confirmed.

Dr. Kevin Glencross


October. Date and venue to be confirmed.

For more on student entitlements read through the scholarship benefitsApplicants who have an undergraduate degree background in any of the following: Forestry, Geography, Environmental Science or Environmental management, Economics or Climate Change are encouraged to apply for the ACIAR-USP Forestry Scholarship.  


Applicants who wish to accept an ACIAR-USP Forestry Postgraduate scholarship will be required to sign a contract with USP declaring that they will comply with all conditions of the scholarship. Successful scholarship recipients will be expected to complete a Masterís by research degree within their scholarship tenure. If required, the award will also cover the necessary bridging courses for a successful applicant to complete postgraduate diploma courses at USP in order to qualify for entry into the Masterís by research program.  


Scholarships are only open to citizens from the Pacific Island Countries of Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. To be eligible for selection, a candidate must:

Applications which remain incomplete at the published time of closing of the scholarship (Tuesday 31 October 2017) will not be forwarded to the assessment stage.


Applicants who meet the following criteria will be given preference during the selection process:


Interested applicants can apply either electronically or through hard copy via registered mail. All applications for the scholarship must be submitted by 31 October 2017. Before submitting an application it is important that applicants discuss their research with a USP academic who can potentially act supervisor. 

Applying electronically (Administrators prefer if applicants apply electronically).

  1. Fill in the ACIAR-USP Scholarship application form using Microsoft Word.
  2. Attach supporting documents as listed below.
  3. Email application to viliamu.powell(at) with the title "ACIAR-USP Forestry Scholarship application 2017".

Applying through hardcopy

  1. Fill in the ACIAR-USP Scholarship application form using Microsoft Word.
  2. Attach supporting documents as listed below.
  3. Mail application to "ACIAR Scholarship Officer, Research and Graduate Affairs, Faculty of Science Technology and Environment, Administration Officer, The University of the South Pacific, Private Mail Bag, Suva, Fiji.


The following supporting documents are mandatory and must be provided with your application:

Should you wish for more information on contacting ACIAR project leaders, USP supervisors or about the scholarship application process please contact the ACIAR-USP Graduate Assistant Officer Mr. Viliamu Powell via email: viliamu.powell(at) or phone: (679) 3232 804.

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