Accident Policy -  Educare Centre

Accident Policy

In the event of an accident occurring in the Kindergarten, the following procedures are to be addressed

  1. Comfort child and administer First Aid. (First Aid Kit is located in the office).
  1. Make sure other children are supervised by a staff member
  1. Depending on the extent of the injuries, ring parent. Explain to parent what has happened in a clear manner and what is being done to care for the child. In extreme cases, ring ambulance immediately. If delayed or unavailable, use own car. Remaining staff are to advise the parent to meet the staff member at the appropriate destination. Staff member traveling to hospital to take child’s enrolment form when seeking medical treatment. Reassure parent to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion. Remaining staff to carry on their duties as usual but need to contact relief staff or mother helpers to comply with child/teacher ratio for the period of absence
  1. In cases requiring professional medical attention, staff members to compile a report of the accident in the accident book located in the office. Date and sign all entries in case of any future concerns.
  1. Make sure all staff members are aware of the accident so that they can inform the parents.
  1. Ensure that the parent signs the accident regis

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