Geospatial Science Unit -  Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Geospatial Science Unit

Geospatial Science at the University of the South Pacific

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Currently the School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment offers 10 courses in Geospatial Science

GS 100 Geography Techniques and Methods
GS 101 Geospatial Information Systems
GS 200 Quantitative Methods
GS 201 Geographic Information Systems 1
GS 211 Remote Sensing 1
GS 231 Cartography and Geovisualisation
GS 301 Geographic Information Systems 2
GS 302 Field Survey of Pacific Island Environments
GS 311 Pacific Islands Remote Sensing
GS 350 Industry Experience Project in Geospatial Science

The school also offers Master's in Geospatial Science. 

ESRI Site License

The ESRI site license at USP is administered by Information Technology Services

For information about how to download, install, and borrow an ArcGIS Desktop license, click here. (You must be a USP student or staff in order to borrow a license).


Assoc. Prof. Nick Rollings

Dr. Nathan Wales

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