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Led by the Webmaster, this Unit is responsible for the management and maintenance of the USP website. This is an essential part of SPAC Office and the Webmaster ensures that the information on the website is current, accurate and easy to access. The Webmaster generates Web Aging Report regularly and manages the overall template for the website and guides faculties, schools, sections and regional campuses on web best practices and provide web management training as well. The Webmaster also develops and manages portals such as CROP ICT Working Group, Alumni Management Information System and New Strategic Plan 2019 2024 portals and periodically monitors web servers to ensure it is running smoothly. The Webmaster also developed and manages the USP 50th Website. Patches update and Web Vulnerability Tests are also handled by the Webmaster to ensure all websites are safe and secure. All USP sub-domains are also vetted and approved by the Webmaster. The Webmaster works closely with the Technical staff of Information Technology Services on hardware side of website. 

What We Do

This key function of the Unit is to update the webpages on the USP website in a timely manner with the content provided. It also develops websites/portal such as CROP ICT WG Website/Portal and 50th Anniversary Website and manage these in-house. The Unit continuously provides information on best practices to follow when dealing with Web or ICT related matters and provides advice on web-related standards and practices. All content on USP website should be free from copyright infringement. This Unit monitors this and if any copyright materials is found, will act immediately to have them removed. Monthly Web Aging Reports are generated and analysed which shows how long ago a webpage and its content was last updated. This helps faculties, schools, sections and campuses stay informed and can take appropriate action to get their website updated.

The servers that hosts USP website and all web services are monitored to ensure the machines are running properly  Any issues detected is reported to Information Technology Services for their investigations. The Unit conducts trainings to empower USP staff to manage and update their own respective website. USP website runs on preset templates and all templates are designed and deployed by this Unit across the University. If any section wants to develop their own website, they still need to implement the standard USP template and comply with standards. Granting and revoking access which includes all web login access to USP website is controlled by the Webmaster. 

Furthermore, the Unit enforces all web-related policies and USP style guides across the University; monitors and informs if any policies are not followed accordingly; vets and tests all new website or web application developed at USP; and vets and approves all new USP sub-domain. 

The Webmaster is also represented at the Communications Information Technology Committee (CITC) and Web Focus Group (WFG). 

Web Related Policies

Web Related Policies

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Web Team

Ashnil Sharma

Tel:  (679) 323 2303
Fax: (679) 323 1551
Email: ashnil.sharma(at)

The University Webmaster, responsible for the development and maintenance of the USP website, is an essential part of the SPAC Office. The Webmaster makes certain that the information on the website is current, accurate, and easy to access

Web Assistant

Tel:  (679) 323 2328
Fax: (679) 323 1551

The Web Assistant is responsible for assisting the Webmaster in achieving the targets for the Central Website/Portal Unit.

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