Strategic Partnerships, Advancement & Communications (SPAC)


Strategic Partnerships, Advancement & Communications (SPAC)

The Strategic Partnerships, Advancement & Communications (SPAC) is rebranded title for the Development, Marketing, Communications and Alumni (DMCA) Section in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President.  

SPAC Office is a crucial driver of progress at USP. The Office provides leadership in diverse areas.  Its Director and staff provide advice and guidance to senior staff and management on the planning and implementation of significant initiatives and projects. Through its facilitation of frequent and productive communication with development partners, organisations, prospective students and alumni, universities, regional and international organisations, and the media, SPAC is a vital input to the Universityís quest to achieve excellence. The relationship-building and information-sharing led by SPAC is crucial to the future prospects and success of USP.  

Key performance indicators relating to development assistance and cooperation and brand awareness clearly demonstrate that the work of SPAC has resulted in many positive impacts for the University. SPAC provides the impetus that many other sections require to start and finish critical work. In many instances, the Office contributes substantively in areas not directly related to its remit; with extensive experience in project management and visibility of both donor and Member Country needs and priorities.    

SPAC strives to have a regional profile amongst the CROP and international organisations, member governments and other stakeholders.  Its staff have and will continue to represent USP at both regional and international discourse, and will be point of contact and resource for USPís partners.  

SPAC Office undertakes an extensive portfolio of work relating to development cooperation and donor relations; regional cooperation and integration; marketing; communication; alumni; management of Australian regional scholarships; and provide support and resource to the Vice-Chancellor and President.  The Director SPAC consistently provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor and President on a wide variety of topics, coordinates and writes VCís reports to the Finance and Investments Committee (FIC), Senate, Executive Committee (EC), and the Council, in addition to regular analytical reports, briefing notes and papers. 

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