Office of DVC Education

The Faculty of Arts, Law and Education (FALE) Graduate Outcomes for Bachelor Degree Programmes

4-year Combined Bachelor Programmes:

Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Education (BA GCED);

Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Certificate in Education (BCom GCED);

Bachelor of Science and Graduate Certificate in Education (BSc GCED)

Upon completion of BA/BCom/BSc GCED graduates should be able to:

Institutional Outcomes

  1. Generate critical thinking, promote creativity and apply knowledge, ideas, and approaches in secondary teaching and learning contexts (Creativity, Critical Thinking and Pacific Consciousness);
  2. Demonstrate a strong sense of Pacific consciousness in all aspects of their teaching praxis through cultural sensitivity and inclusion strategies relevant to the specific context of teaching (Pacific Consciousness);
  3. Encourage collaboration and teamwork for engagements in schools, communities and society; and demonstrate a high standard of ethical and professional conduct (Ethics, Professionalism and Teamwork);
  4. Demonstrate leadership and administrative skills and knowledge for effective secondary school responsibilities; to include appropriate modes of communication including ICT (Communication and Professionalism).

Teacher Outcomes

  1. Implement, monitor and evaluate the national subject curriculum through effective planning, teaching and assessment;
  2. Implement and nurture a safe and inclusive teaching and learning environment.