Office of DVC Education

The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) Graduate Outcomes for Bachelor Degree Programmes

4-year Prescribed Bachelor Programmes (in these programmes, students follow a pre-planned sequence of courses):

Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management Graduate Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Apply critically, the knowledge and skills, roles and responsibilities of management within a range of international hospitality and tourism environments;
  2. Recognise cross-cultural, moral, ethical and environmental issues in the management of hospitality and tourism organisations and their relationship with the local community and stakeholders;
  3. Evaluate contemporary theoretical issues and trends affecting the environmental management of the global hospitality industry and their implications for practitioners;
  4. Manage hotel properties using strategic services management, ICT, and human resource practices in a critically reflective and informed manner;
  5. Communicate clearly in a wide range of tourism and hospitality settings in the Pacific in a manner and language that is appropriate for a local and/or international audience and context;
  6. Design a tourism/hospitality experience that is ethical, sustainable and culturally appropriate;
  7. Work autonomously and flexibly in hotel management applying the theoretical, practical and professional skills learned in class and internships.