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I am very grateful to be given a second chance to come back and continue school with CCE's bridging courses.


I left school in Grade 5. Reality hit me when I could not help my children with their homework.


I enrolled to learn for my sake and for my kids.


Having a local tutor was a real benefit as he taught and explained in our own language.


I really enjoyed the course.


CCE built my confidence to continue and further my studies and I plan to apply for a scholarship in the near future.


Nustrodamus Degia - Continuing Community Education (CCE) student


I am grateful that The University of the South Pacific exists in my little island.


It is a door for us Nauruans to further our education and fulfil our goals.


Edina Dagagio-Preliminary Arts student


From high-school I wanted to further my education where I enrolled for foundation level studies at USP, Nauru Campus.


For a start, I focused on furthering my English-language, research and writing skills.


I was excited about the university experience and by being a student at USP, and I can say that commitment and time-management is important.


What I enjoyed most is working with my study mates and loved visiting the computer lab and library for research.


Kahiko Harris – Foundation Arts student


Nothing is the same since I became a student at USP, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree, Majoring in Education.


The knowledge I have acquired throughout this learning journey has provided me with the most relevant learning experiences which has helped me in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom.


I believe that completing this field of study will effectively shape my world and brighten my future.


Pauline L Tomiki – Bachelor of Education (Primary)

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