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The USP Institute of Educationís Waka Publications programme publishes culturally and linguistically relevant publications to support literacy and language development and curriculum delivery in the Pacific. Publications include picture story books, posters, alphabet books and colouring book, non-fiction books and book series, creative works collections, teacher guides & photocopy-able classroom literacy teaching resources and academic edited chapter books.

The Waka Publications programme is proud to be collaborating with the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), the Tonga Ministry of Health, and Tonga Ministry of Education & Training to develop, print, and freely distribute a 10-book series (5 Fiction and 5 Non-fiction books) known as the Health Series.

The Health Series project aims at improving key NCD prevention health messaging through picture storybook development for pre-primary aged children in the Kingdom of Tonga. The ten books are each designed to convey specific NCD risk factor prevention messages in a positive and age appropriate way to pre-school aged children and their families. The books cover NCD and NCD risk factor related issues such as living with diabetes, smoking, diet and healthy food choices, exercise, and healthy family lifestyles and wellbeing.

The generous funding from the Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) will make it possible for one set of the 10 books to be gifted to each registered Early Childhood centre in the Kingdom of Tonga. The book development project began in August 2017 and will run through to mid April 2018.

Sample of Covers and Pages from the books


ECCE Centre Tongatapu Health Series book distribution
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