USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Hears Out Students’ Concerns

The University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus held two sessions of student forums to hear out its students’ feedback on the Campus’ services, facilities and other relevant issues and concerns.

The first session, held on Thursday, 17th August, in the morning, was attended mostly by day scholars while the second session on Thursday, 14th September, was conveniently held in the evening for its working students.

USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi urged students to freely voice out their concerns and assured them that the Campus would make its best effort to address them on priority basis.  She told the students that the university valued their feedback and participation in such forums as the matters raised would contribute to the future development and well-being of the campus.

Some concerns raised in the first forum were absence of face-to-face classes, poor response from lecturers, lengthy processing time for auditing of units, theft in the Campus and Turnatin issue.

Dr. Devi stated that some of the courses were traditionally not to be offered at regional campuses, however special efforts were made to bring them to these campuses including Lautoka Campus through the lecture capture system which involves blended mode.  She encouraged students to forward their concerns and requests to the SAS team at the Campus and they could approach schools for their assistance.

She urged students to take advantage of the Student Learning Specialist, based at the campus to provide additional learning support, important tips and guidance to enhance student learning.  Students were further reminded that the senior peer mentors were also available to assist them with their studies.
Students were also advised that they could communicate with their lecturers and other students via online chat and private messages which they could take advantage of to get their queries answered promptly.

Dr. Devi asked students to show responsibility as individuals and help keep the campus’ properties and facilities secure so that the money spent on maintenance could be used on getting new and better resources. “You should take greater ownership and help keep our premises clean, neat and tidy,” Dr. Devi told the students.
Most of the issues highlighted in the second forum concerned the Library services and opening hours, unavailability of text books, room allocation and the lab.

The USP Student Association (USPSA) Lautoka President highlighted that the working students faced difficulty with the library closing at 7pm, as some classes in the campus were held until 8pm. Dr. Devi said that the number of students coming to campus during the affected time was also low according to the data they had collected previously, however she asked USPSA to advise how many students were in need of this extended service so the matter could be reviewed.

Concerning the overnight loans policy, Dr. Devi told students that a copy from a reserved collection could be used in library for 2 hours, however the overnight policy applied which she said was in place to ensure all students had an equally fair access to the resource.

On a concluding note, Dr. Devi urged students to forward their concerns to the Campus via USP Lautoka email and also make use of the suggestion boxes located on 3 floors.  

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