Office of DVC Education

Post Graduate Outcomes

There are nine (9) University of the South Pacific Postgraduate Outcomes of which seven (7) have a corresponding Undergraduate Outcomes. The Postgraduate Outcomes are as follows:

  1. Autonomy Demonstrate increasing levels of autonomy, initiative and responsibility in scholarly, professional, social and personal decision making.

  2. Collaboration Demonstrate consultative and collaborative approaches to scholarly enquiry and/or professional practice.

  3. Communication & ICT Literacy - Communicate ideas effectively, in an appropriate language and format, in a range of contexts, including the professional and scholarly, using ICT tools where suitable.

  4. Creativity - Evaluate the boundaries of current knowledge, theories and practices at the forefront of a discipline.

  5. Critical Thinking - Engage critically with scholarly and professional issues and problems, demonstrating the capacity to manage uncertainty.

  6. Ethics - Demonstrate the ethical standards of the professional code of practice in their discipline, recognizing the implications of their decisions.

  7. Pacific Consciousness Engage innovatively with the diverse cultural heritages of Pacific Communities to promote sustainable development in a global environment.

  8. Professionalism - Apply the knowledge, skills and behavior expected of a professional in the discipline.

  9. Research & Scholarship - Demonstrate increasing levels of knowledge of a discipline and the associated skills and methods of research for the advancement of scholarship and/or professional practice.

Please click here to view the Post Graduate Outcomes rubrics.