Welcome address by the His Excellency David Adeang, Acting President of Nauru -  Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome address by the His Excellency David Adeang, Acting President of Nauru at the Opening of the 86th meeting of the USP Council at 9am Tuesday 22 May 2018

Omo Yoran,

It is my honour and pleasure, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Nauru, His Excellency Baron Waqa, to welcome you all this morning on the occasion of the 86th meeting of the USP Council at this new and beautiful USP Nauru Campus at the Learning Village which was only opened yesterday. I am privileged [as I am sure we all are] to have been part of this historic occasion. And I believe this marks a new era for the development of education in Nauru.

The University Council has been part of the development of the new Campus since 1987 and I am very happy that the new campus with its very modern facilities has been finally established during the Government of the day.

I would also like to thank you Chair and the members of the Council for accepting our invitation to host the 86th USP Council meeting. This marks a milestone as this is the first meeting of the USP Council to be held in Nauru. It also coincides with the celebration of the USP 50th anniversary of its establishment and our own celebration of the country’s 50th anniversary of her Independence.

The development of human resource in my country is very important and thus education plays a critical role in this regard. We look to USP as our very own university to provide the higher educational needs of our present and future generation.

The Learning Village of which the USP Nauru Campus is part of, will facilitate the pathway and the opportunity for students to progress from high school to tertiary education and to realise their goals and dreams.

The establishment of the Community Library as part of the new USP Nauru Campus is a significant development that will first create an interest in reading thus broadening the knowledge of the community and creating a learning community in Nauru.

Today is a proud moment for us because the Government’s goals and dreams for the concept of the Learning Village has come to fruition. I also wish to acknowledge the support given by the Government of Australia for this project.

I wish you a successful meeting and I am sure that our very own Minister for Education, the Honourable Charmaine Scotty will provide you with the Nauru hospitality during your stay in our country. It is now my pleasure and honour to declare the 86th meeting of the Council of the University of the South Pacific, open.

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