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Vanuatu Language Studies

  • Programmes in Vanuatu Language Studies


    VA111, VA112, VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312

    Major in a BA with double major

    VA111, VA112, VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312, plus 2 courses from FR101, LN111, LN118, FR201, LN211, LN216, FR301, FR302, LN311, LN317, or LN319

    Minor in a BA

    VA111, VA112, plus 3 courses from VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312

    BA Pacific Language Studies

    LN118, LN216, LN317, VA111, VA112, plus 3 of VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312

    Courses with a VA code are taught in Bislama. They are offered face-to-face at the Emalus Campus. All other courses come from the Linguistics programme and are offered both online (all campuses) and face-to-face (Laucala). You can find out more about them on the Linguistics page.

  • Schedule of courses.

    Semester 1 2019 VA111 Bislama: The National Language of Vanuatu

    Semester 2 2019 VA112 The Languages of Vanuatu

    January 2020 VA212 The Teaching of Vanuatu Languages

    Semester 1 2020 VA211 Bislama in Contemporary Times

    Semester 2 2020 VA311 Texts and Translation in Vanuatu Languages

    January 2021 VA312 Topics in Vanuatu Languages

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