IGU2019 - International Geographic Union (IGU) Commission on Local and Regional Development


The conference will be at the Marine Campus (Lower Campus) of The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji.

Here a map of the location

25–28 June, 2019, Marine (Lower) Campus
Marine Lecturer Theatre
The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji




Tuesday June 25



Registration (registration desk will be open throughout conference)


Morning Tea


Presentation: Dynamics of Informal Settlements in Suva

Eberhard Weber & Camari Koto


Rest of day excursions around Suva with emphasis on informal settlements



Wednesday June 26


9:45am                Interfaith Prayer

10:00–10:30am     Welcome to the University of the South Pacific and Opening of the conference

10.30 – 10.45am Welcome by Elena dell'Agnese, Vice President, International Geographical Union


10:45–11:15am     Morning Tea


11:15am - 1:15pm Session 1 Education and Rural and Urban Development


The role of sea transport in provision of services
                                                                          Andrew Irvin

 Regional higher education institutions as key development actors in geographic peripheries.
A comparative study of Nordic and Baltic non-metropolitan university centres

                                           Garri RAAGMAA & Jari KOLEHMAINEN


An inclusive and effective approach towards Climate Change Education?
A critical examination of the Climate Change Resilience National Qualification in Fiji

                 Anuantaeka TAKINANA, Roger C. BAARS, & Jane SINGER

Women’s Education and Employment and the Gender Disparity:
A Case Study of Usilamapatti Taluk, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India

                                                                               I.K. MANONMANI


   1:30–3:00pm     Lunch Break

3:00 - 5:00pm Session 2 Climate Change as Challenge to Rural and Urban Development 

Ontological security in a changing climate

                                                                               Carol FARBOTKO

Internal climate-induced relocation narratives.
Content analysis of planned relocation discourses in Fiji and in the global arena

                                                                            Beatrice RUGGIERI

Hazard and Resilience: The Case of Two Islands of the Maldives

                                                       Marcella SCHMIDT DI FRIEDBERG,
                                           Elena DELL’AGNESE, & Stefano MALATESTA

How to sustain sustainability? Past and future of the La Digue island (Seychelles)

                                                                               Maciej JEDRUSIK


Thursday June 27

9:00 - 11:00am Session 3 Tourism and Spatial Development

09:00–11:00am         Session 3            Tourism

Resort islands spatialities in the Maldivies

                                                                               Elena Dell'Agnese

Local and Metropolitan Economic and Social Entrepreneurship: Palestinian Heritage Tourism in Jaffa

                                                                                         Tovi FENSTER

The Republican China as Cultural Capital: A Case Study of Chang-Jiang Road Tourism Boulevard in Nanjing

                                                                        Cassidy I-Chih LAN & Chiung-Wen CHANG

Transformation in Land Ownership of Tribal Communities in Rural Gujarat:
A Post-Displacement Assessment of Sardar Sarovar Project Resettement Sites, India

                                                                                            Gaurav SIKKA


11:00–11:30am     Morning Tea

11:30am - 1:30pm Session 4 Economic Challenges and Spatial  / Sectoral Planning

Urban Sprawl and Land Reuse in Bucharest-Ilfov Development Region. Integrated Spatial and Statistical Analyses

                              Ines GRIGORESCU, Bianca MITRICĂ, Cristina DUMITRICĂ,                                                   
                                                          Monica DUMITRAȘCU, & Gheorghe KUCSICSA

Accessibility changes versus inequality reduction

                                                                                     Tomasz KOMORNICKI

Economic clusters - towards supporting a creative economy in Romania

       Bianca MITRICĂ, Claudia POPESCU, Ines GRIGORESCU, Irena MOCANU,                                                             Paul ŞERBAN, & Monica DUMITRAŞCU

The transformation of rural food production for urban markets: Informal land rentals and
entrepreneurial opportunities for women in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

                             Gina KOCZBERSKI, George N. CURRY & Reuben ENGERE


1:30–3:00pm     Lunch Break

3:00–5:00pm            Session 5            Resources

Sustainable Urbanization in Formation: Multi-Actor Governance of Urban Experimentation
Sino-Singaporean Cases of China

                                                                                           Ali CHESHMEHZANGI

The evaluation of local resources from the point of view of their role as factors underpinning
development in regions of eastern Poland

                                                                                                          Jerzy BAŃSKI

Land use intensification in Fiji Islands: drivers, land tenure and swidden farming

                                                                                         David Lopez CORNELIO

Implementing SDGs development plan in Indonesia; a dilemma of top-down and bottom-up approach

                                                                                          Triarko NURLAMBANG



Friday June 28

10:00–12:00am         Session 6

Doubling Farmer’s Income – The Case of India

                                                                                                           Rohit SINGH


Beyond the periphery: a comparative assessment of national social welfare respon­sive­ness across diverse
peri-urban spatial zones in West Papua, Nusa Tenggara, and Java

                                             Johni R.V. KORWA, Nicholas METHERALL, Barrisen RUMABAR,                                                                John Herman MAMPIOPER, & Tironi RANATHUNGA

State of urban – rural cleavage in electoral preferences caused by socio-political situation in Patna, India

                                                                                                          Prerna BHARTI

Kadavu Island: Thirty years of change in the Fijian periphery

                                                                                                         Michael SOFER

12:30pm     Lunch



Afternoon: Trips in Suva

Evening: Start to the Field-trip to Kadavu


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IGU2019 - International Geographic Union (IGU) Commission on Local and Regional Development
The University of the South Pacific
Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji