Stategic Plan Consultation - 2018 -  USP Labasa Campus

DVC Coll conducts Strategic Planning Consultations at Labasa Campus .

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Learning,  Teaching and Student Services, Professor  Richard Coll hosted staff, students and stakeholders to a staff consultation and public consultation for the upcoming Strategic Plan for USP in 2019 and 2024. The consultation was held on the 4th  of September, 2018 at Labasa Campus.

Students and staff had a session organized at 11am for them, and in this session the Draft Strategic Plan for 2019 to 2024 was presented by DVC Coll. Both parties present at the session were made to understand the priority areas of the Strategic Plan and the different initiatives that would boost learning and teaching opportunities for both staff and students in the next five years.

Participants were also invited to share their remarks and could query certain aspects of the draft SP 2019 2024 if they felt that they were amiss with certain clauses or objectives of the Strategic Plan. All in all, the students and staff were appreciative of the opportunity to have a say, remark, ponder, and be enlightened of the path that the University wishes to embark on  in the next five years of 2019 till 2024, after the current Strategic Plan ends in December.

In the afternoon , DVC Coll met with key stakeholders of USP Labasa Campus and had consultations with them also, followed by a cocktail event in the evening at Takia Hotel. Stakeholders were receptive of the presentation of the Strategic Plan for 2019 2014. However, many present at the consultation felt that the availability of a USP Campus at Labasa, is to be pursued so that students can be subjected to a better university learning experience. DVC Coll responded, and reassured the forum that indeed there was a need for that development and in the near future it can be accomplished, with  a few others highlighting other issues with regards to different priority areas  of the SP 2019 -2024.

Stakeholders at this consultation included current MBA , PG, Masters students studying through Labasa Campus, retired professionals, current Principals, Headteachers, employers, alumnis,Advisory Board members and staff were present at the public consultations at Takia Hotel.

The session was a success as a variety of views, remarks, concerns and laments had been received from the consultation and in that, it is envisioned that the University s Strategic Plan for 2019- 2024 will be a foundation of providing international, reknown, marketable, quality and inclusive programmes.  With that, it will  prepare its current, prospective and future students with a learning experience at university that is unique, holistic and rewarding. USP can then be assured that it will be sending graduates equipped and ready for a robust workforce, in the years to come .

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