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Gilianne Brodie
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    BAppSc C.Sturt , MSc PhD James Cook 

    Research Profile

    I am an invertebrate biologist with a strong interest in whole organism functional biology and the application of taxonomic data to applied environmental problem solving, conservation and biodiversity management. Over the last 25 years, I have worked on a wide variety of environmental research and education projects including: soil, water and plant analysis, crown of thorns starfish outbreaks, ecotourism operations, the biology and ecology of tropical molluscs, sponges and holothurians, seagrass monitoring, agricultural pest management, invasive species identification, coastal and island world heritage area management and the merger of traditional indigenous knowledge into mainstream science and natural resource management.

    I currently have three funded research projects all of which involve a large component of training for regional human resource capacity building:

    1. “Investigation & Documentation of Introduced and Invasive Terrestrial Molluscs in the Fiji Islands”
    2. “Documentation of Fiji’s Endemic & Introduced Land snail Fauna”
    3.  “Conservation, systematics and cultural connections of Fiji’s Endemic Placostylus Land Snails”


    At the undergraduate level I coordinate BI202 Invertebrate Biology, MS202 Invertebrate Biology, and BI304 Conservation Biology and contributing to the teaching of General Ecology (BI201).

    At a postgraduate level I coordinate BI442 Biodiversity & Conservation in 2nd semester.

    My current postgraduate students are undertaking research on a wide variety of invertebrate and conservation related projects including invasive ants and freshwater invertebrate assemblages however I am interested in supervising projects involving marine, terrestrial or freshwater invertebrate biodiversity, taxonomy or functional biology particularly those projects involving, traditional use of invertebrates, threatened endemics or invasive species.

    Past Graduate Students

    John Fasi

    Current Graduate Students

    Nirbhay Chand, Roneil Latchman, Ilaitia Finau, Edgar Pollard, Ravikash Prasad, Lia Bogitini, Siteri Tikoca, Ramokasa Anisi, Bindiya Rashni.

    Publication Examples

    • Brodie, G.& Barker, G.M. (2011). Introduced land snails and slugs in the Fiji Islands: are there risks involved? Pages. 32-36. In: Veitch, C. R.; Clout, M. N. and Towns, D. R. (eds). Island Invasives: Eradication and Management. IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Gland, Switzerland. 541 pp.
    • Fasi, J., Brodie, G. & Markwell, T. (2010).  Quantifying the dominance of little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata) and its effect on crops in Solomon Islands. Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Science International Congress, Tahiti, French Polynesia: Pacific Countries and their Ocean: Facing Local and Global Changes.
    • Buluta, S. Finau, I., Brodie, G. & Hodge, S. (2010).  A preliminary study into the potential of mayflies (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae and Caenidae) as bio-indicators of stream health in Fiji. The South Pacific Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 28: 82-84.
    • Brodie, G. & Copeland, L.(2010). An investigation of the land snails and slugs of Nakorotubu Range. Chapter 5, pages 30-33. In: Morrison, C., Nawadra, S. & Tuiwawa (eds). A rapid biodiversity assessment of the Nakorotuba Range, Ra Province, Fiji. RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment 59. Conservation International, Arlington, USA.
    • Brodie, G.(2009). Freshwater macro-invertebrates of Nakauvadra Range, Ra Province. Chapter 7, pages 76 – 80. In: Morrison, C. & Nawadra, S. (eds). A rapid biodiversity assessment of the Nakauvadra Range, Ra Province, Fiji. RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment 57. Conservation International, Arlington, USA.
    • Brodie, G.D.& Skelton, P. (2009). Taxonomy in Conservation: Why do we need it? Melanesian Geo. 7: 18 – 21.
    • Brodie, G.,Haynes, A., Loban, F. & Mellors, J.  (2008). Life in Torres Strait Seagrass Meadows. 23 pp. Environmental Science Reader, James Cook University/University of the South Pacific.
    • Wägele, H., Burghardt, I., Anthes, N., Evertsen, J., Schubert, S. & Brodie, G. (2006). Biodiversity of Opisthobranch Molluscs on Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement, 69. 33-59.
    • Brodie, GD.(2005). Redescription of the Australian endemic nudibranch Dendrodoris maugeana Burn, 1962 (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia: Doridoidea): new and reviewed features important for future phylogenetic analyses of porostomes. Molluscan Research, 25(1): 37-46.
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