USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Hosts Student Forums for Full-time and Working Students

USP Lautoka held its first student forums for 2019 with a session each for its full-time/day scholars and working students on Tuesday, 26th February and Tuesday, 5th March respectively.

The forum is a platform for students to voice out their concerns and opinions on matters relating to campus services and facilities or anything affecting their studies.  It also gives students the opportunity to participate in discussions with the Campus Director, staff and their fellow students on important issues.

Campus Director, Dr. Devi hosts such forums every semester to get the students’ negative and positive feedback on their experiences with USP, particularly the campus, so that she is better informed or aware of important issues. 

Dr. Devi welcomed both groups of students and invited them to share their thoughts and concerns while assuring them she would make best efforts to assist them.  She also emphasized on the importance of students keeping pace of their studies.

The Campus Director also urged the students to act more responsibly and take care of their belongings while in the campus premises due to a recent theft reported by a student who fortunately was able to recover her stolen item with the help of the surveillance cameras installed in the building.

“The campus has made every effort to ensure the students have a safe learning environment, however it is also your responsibility to take care of not only your personal items but also the campus property,” Dr. Devi told the students.

Another case of damaging campus property was reported where students complained of the toilets not functioning properly which was apparently due to some students’ misconduct and carelessness. “If anyone witnesses any student abusing the campus property or behaving in any suspicious manner, please do report the matter to our staff so disciplinary actions can be taken to prevent these incidents from occurring in future.”

Dr. Devi also raised an issue about a number of students being put on hold due to low GPA, which prohibited them from continuing with their studies this semester.  She said that these students had been advised to register in a Pacific TAFE program and they will be reassessed upon completion of the program.  On this note, Dr. Devi urged students to utilize their time properly while studying on campus and make sincere effort and commitment towards their studies so that they can do better in their coursework and exams.

Amongst some of the issues and requests highlighted by students was the need for more face-to-face tutorials and peer mentoring assistance for certain courses which currently were not peer assisted. Students were informed that certain courses on blended mode may not offer satellite tutorials, however they would have the lecture capture system instead where students could conveniently retrieve recorded lectures from their Moodle account.

Meanwhile all issues discussed were noted down and forwarded to the respective staff or department heads for their action.

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