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Time Management is Essential to Student Success

Students getting trained on IT Services during Orientation

The essence of incorporating time management in your study plan is one of the most vital components towards a successful university life.

Speaking at the Semester 2, 2019 Orientation Program at the University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus on Monday July 08th, USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr. Pramila Devi told the students that their success depends on how well they manage their time.

Dr. Devi pointed out that at the university students have to avoid procrastinating and be proactive.

She reminded the students that being selected to study at USP is an incredible opportunity and privilege but with privilege comes responsibility.

“You have to take ownership and responsibility for your own success and safety. You will realise soon enough that the university life is not the same as high school. Here, you are required to carry out your own research, study independently, at times do group work. There is more pressure here as you will have lots of assignments, tests and exams to prepare for multiple courses.”

The Campus Director informed the students that as they experience university life they will be going through phases of self-evaluation and self–development.

She stressed that students will learn to be bold as they will be engaging in group activities and presentations which will enhance their oral skills as well as broaden their thinking and knowledge.

Dr. Devi further emphasized that as young individuals the students have their own set of skills and potentials which they should use wisely and constructively.

She urged the students to use every challenge as an opportunity and not shy away from taking up leadership roles. “Be punctual, proactive and manage your time effectively,” Dr. Devi told the students.

“If you want to achieve something great you need to set your own goals and rules. Work hard and be sincere in your commitment and you will surely succeed. Self –discipline is very important because it will help you to stay focussed and not let temptations deter you from achieving your goals,” she reminded the students.

Dr. Devi also told the students that it is their responsibility to attend orientation session because this program gives them a thorough introduction to the campus, the facilities and services it offers, opportunity to meet key staff to learn about their point of contact and learn about the library and IT services.

Meanwhile, as part of the very informative orientation session students were thoroughly briefed about the Student Administrative Services (SAS), Finance, Student Learning Support (SLS), Empower Pacific Counselling Session, Time Management & Counselling, Discovering their Learning Style, Academic Honesty, Library Services, Effective participation in tutorials, listening to lecturers & note taking and IT Services and Moodle.

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