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The education process is never easy, and this is all too often the case in the remote Marshall Islands. We have gathered the stories of many of our graduates, who tell of their struggles to succeed. Click on the images below to read how they overcame their problems to graduate with flying colors.

Alanso Elbon
Beney Kelen
Cathy Ralpho
Chinilla Pedro
David Tibon
Deborah Barker
Dohsis Lokot
Dustin Bantol
Henry Peter
Jennifer Seru
Joseph Tibon
Keyoka Kabua
Kino Kabua
Laurence Edward
Melvin Narruhn
Morianna Phillip
Ribecca Domingo
Sultan Korean
Tenita deBrum
Terry Keju
Va Savu
William Reiher
Yoko Lokboj
Yolanda McKay
Yolanda Lodge

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