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Advancing Sustainability with Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

In the ever-changing and increasingly complex world, it is now more important that
our youth are equipped with knowledge and skills to solve problems. As they say
“a stitch in time saves nine.” Working towards sustainable development goals in
this era of information technology, there is no better way to address global issues
than with home-grown scientists, biologists, marine scientists, engineers. IT experts
and mathematicians. To meet the demands of the dynamic and evolving workforce,
fluency in STEM is essential.
Where best to study than the FACULTY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY &
ENVIRONMENT @ USP. We have qualified staff, excellent facilities, accreditations,
excellent student support and the USP Brand!

Engineering students at Robocon, Mongolia

FSTE Programmes

FSTE Programmes

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

a) Bachelor of Science Major Disciplines

        • Biology
        • Chemistry

b) Postgraduate Diploma in Science

        • Biology
        • Chemistry

c) Master of Science in

        • Biology
        • Chemistry

d) PhD

        • Biology
        • Chemistry

School of Engineering and Physics

a) Bachelor of Science Major Disciplines

        • Mechanical
        • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
        • Physics

b) Bachelor of Engineering

        • Electrical & Electronics (Accredited by New Zealand Engineering)
        • Mechanical (Accredited by New Zealand Engineering)
        • Civil (NEW)

c) Postgraduate Diploma in Science

        • Physics

d) Master of Science in

        • Engineering
        • Physics

e) PhD

        • Engineering

Physics School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences

a) Bachelor of Arts Major Disciplines

        • Computing Science
        • Information Systems
               ○ Business Information Systems
               ○ Data Analytics
        • Mathematics

b) Bachelor of Science Major Disciplines

        • Computing Science
        • Information Systems
               ○ Business Information Systems
               ○ Data Analytics
        • Mathematics

c) Bachelor of Commerce Major Disciplines

        • Information Systems
               ○ Business Information Systems
               ○ Data Analytics

d) Professional Programmes in ICT

        • Bachelor of Networks and Security (Accredited by Australian Computer Society)
        • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Accredited by Australian Computer Society)

e) Postgraduate Diploma in Arts/Science

        • Mathematics

f) Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology

        • Computing Science
        • Information Science
        • Cybersecurity

g) Masters

        • Master of Arts in Mathematics
        • Master of Science in Computing Science
        • Master of Science in Mathematics
        • Master of Science in Information Systems

h) Professional Masters

      • Master of Computing and Information Systems
      • Master of Information Systems

i) PhD

      • Computing Science
      • Information Systems
      • Mathematics

School of Marine Studies

a) Prescribed Programmes

     • Bachelor of Arts (Marine Management)
     • Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)

b) Postgraduate Diploma in Arts - Marine Management

c) Postgraduate Diploma in Science - Marine Science

d) Master of Arts in Marine Management

e) Master of Science in Marine Science

f) PhD in Marine Science/Marine Management

School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment

a) Bachelor of Arts Major Disciplines

        • Geography

b) Bachelor of Science Major Disciplines

        • Geography
        • Geospatial Science

c) Prescribed Programmes

        • Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Management)
        • Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
        • Bachelor of Geospatial Science
               ○ Geospatial Analyst
               ○ Geospatial Developer

d) Postgraduate Diploma in Arts

        • Environmental Management
        • Geography

e) Postgraduate Diploma in Science

        • Environmental Geoscience

f) Master of Arts in

        • Environmental Management
        • Geography

g) Master of Science in

        • Earth Science
        • Environmental Science
        • Geospatial Science

h) PhD in

        • Environmental Management
        • Environmental Science
        • Earth Science
        • Geography
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Job Prospects


  • Bachelor of Software Engineering

    Software Developer
    Software Engineer
    System Analyst
    Business Analyst
    System Designer
    Chief Technical officer
    IT Manager

    Bachelor of Net-Centric Computing Network Engineer

    Network Analyst
    Telecom Engineer
    Network Security Technician
    Cybersecurity Analyst
    Network Administrator
    Systems Administrator
    Cloud Computing Consultant
    IT Infrastructure Manager
    Systems Support Engineer
    Network Consultant

    Bachelor of Engineering

    (Electrical & Electronics /Mechanical)  

    Electrical/ Electronics Engineer
    Mechanical Engineer
    Aerospace Industry
    Automotive Industry
    Construction Industry
    Process Engineer
    Communications Engineer
    Building Service Design Engineer
    Instrumentation Engineer
    Project Managers
    Traffic Automation Engineers
    Electronic Systems Engineer
    Machine Design Engineer
    Air-Conditioning Systems Design Engineer
    Sustainable Product Design Engineer
    Tertiary Teaching

    Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

    Structural Engineer
    Water Engineer
    Environmental Engineer
    Design Engineer
    Contracting Civil Engineer
    Consulting Civil Engineer
    Building Services Engineer
    Site Engineer
    Traffic Management Engineer
    Structural Analyst
    Building Control Surveyor


    Metrological Officer
    Renewable Energy Officers
    Project Managers
    Communication Departments
    Radio Engineers

  • Mathematics/Statistics

    Banking Industry
    Market Researcher
    Computer Scientist
    Operations Research
    Data Analyst
    Teacher or Lecturer
    Economic Forecasting
    Quality Control
    Environmental Research
    Climate Analyst

    Geospatial Science

    GIS Developer/Analyst
    Satellite Image Analyst
    Geospatial Analyst
    Natural Resource Mapping Officer
    Land Surveyor
    Air Survey/Surveyor
    Transportation and Public works
    Town Planning officer
    Housing and Social Welfare


    Urban Planner/Community Development
    GIS Specialist
    Environmental Management/Planning
    Environmental Lawyer
    Biodiversity and Conservation Officer
    Natural Resources Lawyer
    Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Officer
    National Food and Nutrition Officer
    Agriculture Officer
    Public Health Officer
    Planning Officer
    Eco-tourism industry
    Development Bank Officer
    Census Bureau/Statisticians
    Resource Allocation Officer
    National/Regional Planning Office and Development

    Bachelor of Arts

    (Environmental Management)

    Environmental Consultant

    Bachelor of Arts

    (Environmental Science)

    Environmental Consultant
    Environmental scientists

  • Chemistry

    Chemist in Industries or Scientific Institutions
    High School Chemistry Teacher
    Tutors or Teaching assistants in Chemistry
    Research Assistants in Chemistry
    Assistant Lecturers/Lecturers/Associate Professors/Professors
    Research and Development Officers/Managers
    Project Officers
    Education Officers
    Curriculum Officers
    Technical Officers (Chemicals)
    Government Ministry Directors
    Quality Assurance Officers/Managers
    Chemical Analyst
    Scientific Officer/Manager
    Administrative Officers in Science
    Chemistry Technicians/Supervisor


    Lab technician
    High school teachers
    Assistant Lecturers/ Lecturers
    Teaching Assistant
    Research Assistants in Universities
    Research Assistants in Research Stations
    Scientific Officers
    Biosecurity Officers
    Environmental Officer
    Environmental Consultants
    Research and Development Officers
    Conservation Officers/ Biologist
    Project Officers

    Marine Management

    Marine Spatial Planner
    Marine Resource Manager
    Fisheries Officer
    Maritime Shipping Industry Officer
    Post-harvest Fisheries Officer
    Marine Conservation Office

    Marine Science

    Marine Biologist
    Fisheries Officer
    Marine Environmental Scientists
    Climate Change and Oceanography
    Fish and Fisheries Biologist
    Aquaculture Officer
    Marine Scientist
    Coral Reef Ecologist



  • Maika Daveta
    Bachelor of Science (Biology & Chemistry)
    Postgraduate Diploma in Biotechnology
    Currently enrolled in Master of Science in Biology
    National Project Coordinator -
    Action against desertification Project

    Food and Agriculture Organisation – UN

    Sunjeet Singh
    Bachelor of Engineering Technology
    (Electrical and Electronics)
    Senior Designer/Design Engineer in an
    Electricity Supply Utility – Lines Company

    Waikato Electricity Ltd (WEL Networks)

    Sunishma Singh
    Bachelor of Science
    (Geospatial Science & Geography)
    Currently enrolled in Postgraduate
    Diploma in Climate Change
    Resilience Officer
    Lami Town Council funded by UN-Habitat

    Hyun Kim
    Bachelor of Software Engineering
    Educational Software Developer
    Fiji National University

    Ashneel Chandra
    Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Physics)
    Master of Science in Physics
    PhD Research Fellow in Climate Dynamics
    University of Bergen, Norway

    Lucy Janet Obed
    Bachelor of Science
    (Chemistry & minor in Biology)
    Water Quality Technician
    Vanuatu Services Engie

  • Shirleen Swapna
    Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Physics)
    Master of Science in Physics
    Programme Manager
    Delegation of European Union for the Pacific

    Abdul Jabid
    Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Chemistry)
    Master of Business Administration
    General Manager

    Kai-Viti Water

    Kelly Brown
    Bachelor of Science in Marine Science
    Master of Science in Marine Science
    Currently enrolled in PhD in Marine Science
    Curator, Marine Reference Collection

    The University of the South Pacific

    Tamara Osborne
    Bachelor of Science
    (Environmental Science - Biology Emphasis)
    Master of Science in Biology
    PhD in Biology
    Lecturer in Biology
    The University of the South Pacific

    Alfred Courtney
    Bachelor of Net-Centric Computing
    IT Support Officer
    BRED Bank (Vanuatu) Ltd

Tools & Support Services

FSTE Learning Tools & Support Services

We don’t leave our students alone. Learning Tools & Support Service

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Learning Tools & SLS

Online Mathematical Diagnostic Tool (OMDT)
Not very good at Mathematics? OMDT is an online numeracy support tool. Test your numeracy skills online and upskill in areas required through remedial modules at your own pace.

Faculty Orientation Online Tool (FOOT)
Try online orientation, learn about the faculty’s support services, campus facilities, support staff and learning, and support tools to all its incoming students.

Learning Tools & Support Services (SLS)
Transitioning into tertiary can be hard but you are not alone.

  • Attend one to one consultation with Student Learning Specialists to discuss
  • your learning challenges.
  • Discuss difficult questions or concepts in Peer Mentoring sessions
  • Recap  week’s  coverage  of  difficult concepts in sessions led by PASS leaders
  • Get your doubts clarified and learn with
  • peers online through eMentoring.
  • Refresh your skills with time management, study smart strategies, presentation  skills, effective listening and referencing workshops etc
  • Access self-help guides on more than 20 academic and study skills topics online.

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