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COVID-19 Pandemic 2020

1.       What is 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses, with six of these viruses known to cause a range of illnesses from the common cold to the more serious Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The first cases of COVID-19 infections was discovered in late December 2019 after an unusual cluster of pneumonia cases was noted in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China. The source of the infection was from wet market where live wild animals were sold.

The COVID-19 global outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO. From 12th March 2020:

  • A university wide ban for official USP Business travel to any destination is in effect  from Monday 16th March 2020, until further notice.

If you do choose to travel anywhere outside of Fiji, you may be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon reaching your destination or on your return to your home nation , even if you are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19.  

2.      How does the virus spread?

  • Direct Contact with Infected Person, within 1 meter of each other 
  • Indirect Contact with a surface or object (like a door handle or table) that has been in contact with infected person , the newly infected person can then be infected by touching their mouth or face , transmitting infection into their respiratory system.

3.       Prevention

Q: What can you do?

All Staff and students are instructed

  • NOT TO SHAKE HANDS, but use alternative NON CONTACT physical forms of salutations and greetings
  • To wash hands as frequently as possible and minimize physical contact with other persons as much as possible.
  • To ensure cleaning of their work surfaces as frequently as possible
  • To bring own personal sanitisers, soaps, handkerchiefs
  • To wear face masks when moving in public areas and outdoors on campus
  • To stay home if you are having a fever or cough and seek medical attention and treatment at nearest health facility.

Q: What is the Safe Distance to be maintained to prevent COVID 19 spreading?

A: Minimum of 2 meter distance away,  from nearest person or workstation

Q. Is there a vaccine against COVID-19?

A: No. There are currently no vaccines against coronaviruses, including COVID-19. That is why it is very important to prevent infection or contain further spread after an infection with the COVID-19.

Q: What is the risk of international spread?

A: This is a global pandemic and risk of transmission globally is very high.


This information portal is available on main USP Webpage for latest information pertaining to USP Campuses , learning and teaching and support services

Click here > USP COVID 19 Portal

All staff and students are requested to only take on board information from reliable sources such as mainstream national and international media sources, as well as health sources from the Ministries of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO)

USP COVID 19 Information Posters

Please print and place these posters in your workplace, campus , classrooms and offices

Poster 1. Social Distancing in the Workplace

Poster 2. Personal Protection

Poster 3. Safe Distance Practices in the Workplace



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