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Prostate Cancer Awareness

The massive rise in Prostate Cancer cases globally is becoming a worrying scenario with 1,276,106 new cases of the disease registered worldwide last year. 

Furthermore, it was revealed to the students and staff members of University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus on September 4, 2019 that more than 3,000 men die of Prostate Cancer in Australia every year.

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Prostate Cancer from Australia Hudson while conducting the awareness seminar at the USP Lautoka Campus emphasized that increase in Prostate Cancer amongst men is a serious problem which needs to be addressed effectively.

Mr Hudson pointed out that lack of specialists to deal with prostate cancer cases in Fiji should be a case of major worry for the country. He stressed that another common factor which contributes to high mortality cases due to Prostate Cancer is late diagnosis, which occurs because men are not willing to have themselves checked until it becomes too late.  He emphasized that more education has to be provided to men about the disease and also people carrying the disease need vast support from their female counterparts.

Hudson pointed out that while normally men above the age of 60 are at risk of getting Prostate Cancer, males above the age of 40 should get themselves checked. As for the symptoms of this disease there is normally confusion with other kind of diseases therefore the best solution is to get yourself checked.

Normally in the early stages of Prostate Cancer there may be no symptoms but in the later stages some symptoms of Prostate Cancer might include:

  • Feeling the frequent or sudden need to urinate
  • Finding difficulty to urinate
  • Discomfort when urinating
  • Finding blood in urine or semen
  • Pain in lower back, upper thighs or hips 

Mr Hudson informed that along with age the risk of getting this killer disease increases when more than one male relative has prostate cancer. Our diet also becomes very important as eating a lot of processed meat that is high on fat can increases the risk of developing prostate cancer plus our changing life style becomes a contributing factor as well. Eating nutritious meals and regular physical activity which includes 30 minutes of exercise can possibly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, he highlighted.

USP Lautoka Campus Director Dr Pramila Devi revealed that this seminar was part of the health and wellness program regularly conducted at the USP Lautoka Campus for staff and students. Dr Devi revealed that previously the campus has conducted awareness seminars of breast cancer, diabetes and healthy living. She stressed that the Campus is dedicated to staff and student health & wellness and treats such awareness seminars very significant.

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