Ketan Christi -  School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Ketan Christi

Email: christi_k(at)
Location: N220, SPAS Building
Telephone: 679 323 2425

Research Profile

My research interests include parasitology, pharmacology, and the health issues associated with shellfish consumption. I have been involved in various research projects, examples include studies of the endo- and ecto-parasites of economically important animals in Fiji, risk assessment of shellfish, and investigations of the effects of naturally occurring compounds (isolated from marine organisms and native plant species) on vertebrate physiology.


At the undergraduate level I contribute to Animal Biology (BI108) and co-ordinate Comparative Animal Physiology (BI309).

Current Postgraduate Students

John Rofeto, Edward Narayan, and Vaishali Jadav.


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