Current Students

Current Students

Credit Transfer Regulations

  1. Applications for credit transfers are processed in Student Administrative Services, but Schools and Departments shall provide assistance at the request of Student Academic Services to determine particular applications.

  2. Criteria for Credit Transfer

    The following criteria shall govern processes for the transfer of credits:
    1. Where the examinations passed or credits gained elsewhere or at USP for another programme substantially correspond with, or are equivalent to, courses in a program of study in which the student is enrolled at USP, specified cross credits may be awarded.

    2. Where examinations passed or credits gained elsewhere or for another programme of study at USP do not correspond with, but are relevant to, courses in a program of study in which a student is enrolled at USP, a limited number of unspecified cross credits may be awarded depending on the structure of the program of study concerned.

  3. Approval of Credit Transfer

    The award of specified or unspecified cross credits shall be made by:

    1. The Vice-Chancellor or delegate or nominee, where necessary in consultation with appropriate Schools or Departments, up to the limit in clause 1.4 (a) below.
    2. The Academic Standards and Quality Committee in exceptional cases where it is deemed necessary to exceed the limit in clause 1.4 (a) below.

  4. Restrictions on Number of Cross Credits

    The following restrictions shall apply in the awarding of cross credits:
    1. Normally not more than 50% of the courses in the new programme may be cross credited, except where internal programmes have been approved by the Senate to stair-case from a lower to a higher programme.

    2. No course may be cross credited towards vocational requirements in a program if the course does not have appropriate practical training elements.

    3. Courses may be cross credited once only, except:

      1. where a course is part of an internal programme that has been approved by the Senate to stair-case to a higher programme where the course is also required; or  

      2. where they are non-USP courses which are cross-credited to required courses for a USP programme, they may be cross-credited again for a higher USP programme in the same discipline if they are required courses for that higher programme.

  5. Applications

    Students applying for cross credits for courses passed elsewhere are required to provide all information relating to the course that may be required for processing of their applications.

  6. Appeals

    Students may appeal against the outcome of their applications provided that an appeal shall be lodged in writing, addressed to the Vice Chancellor, together with a copy of the receipt for the appropriate fees per appeal. The appeal shall be received by the Vice Chancellor or delegate no later than four weeks after the result of the original application was sent to the applicant. The appeal shall be considered by the Chair of the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, whose decision shall be final.

  7. Approved Cross Credits from other Qualifications
    Please refer to the USP Handbook and Calendar (pgs. 461- 467) for Senate approved credit transfers

  1. Completion of Program from Outside the Region
    Students who leave the university region to reside in a country outside that region, and who wish to complete any program or qualification of the university may, with the prior approval of Senate, take appropriate examinations at another institution approved for the purpose by Senate, and may be granted credit for passes in any such examinations for the purpose of their program or qualification.


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