Current Students

Current Students

Conduct of Examinations

  1. Examination Procedures
    1. The examinations conducted by the university shall be held at the places and times specified in the examination timetables published by the authority of Senate, provided that no examinations shall be held on religious public holidays.
    2. Students shall display their USP student identification cards on their examination desks in order to allow supervisors to verify their identities when collecting attendance slips.
    3. The examinations shall comprise such written, oral and practical examinations as the examiners, with the approval of Senate, may determine.
    4. Students shall answer the questions in the presence of a supervisor, who shall be appointed or approved by Senate in accordance with such detailed instructions as may be furnished by Senate.
    5. No student shall communicate with an examiner in regard to an examination except through the Registrar or nominee.
    6. No student shall be examined in any subject or part of a subject at any time other than that set down for him in the timetable except with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor.
    7. No student shall enter the examination room later than 45 minutes after the beginning of the examination, nor leave the room until one hour has elapsed from the beginning of the examination or during the last 15 minutes.
    8. Students may read their examination papers for a period of not more than ten minutes before the examination commences but may not begin writing their answers until the room supervisor announces that they may do so.
    9. No student shall bring into the examination room any written or printed matter except
      1. as authorised by the examiner, or
      2. where such written or printed material has been authorised for use in an approved open book examination.
    10. An open book examination is a final examination in which students may, on the recommendation of the Faculty concerned and with the prior approval of Senate, bring into and use in the examination room specified textbooks or other course materials. The approval of Senate shall be obtained normally before a course which is partly assessed by an open book examination is taught.
      1. Unless authorised by examiners, students may not have in their possession while in an examination venue any written or printed material, any electronic or computing device capable of storing material, or any device that is capable of transmitting, storing or receiving messages.
      2. Students who contravene this rule shall:
        1. have their materials or devices in clause 1.11(a) above confiscated by the supervisors for the duration of the examination, and
        2. be reported to the Registrar or nominee for disciplinary action.
    11. No student shall communicate with another in the examination room.
    12. No student may continue writing an answer after the supervisor has announced the expiration of time. In no circumstances may any time over and above the time allotted to any paper be allowed to a student for reading over scripts or making any amendment or addition to scripts.
    13. The examination scripts shall be transmitted to examiners who, after taking into consideration work done in the course by the student during the year, shall report the grade for the course as a whole to the Registrar or nominee.
    14. The scripts of students shall be retained by the examiners who shall keep them in safe custody for a period of nine months from the last date on which the examinations were held.

  2. Examination of Visually Impaired Students
    1. Visually impaired students:
      1. are to sit their examinations in rooms separate from other students, and
      2. may use Braille typewriters, and
      3. are allowed an additional 30 minutes writing time for each one hour examination time, and
      4. may be provided assistance to complete parts of answer sheets that cannot be filled in Braille such as multiple choice questions.
    2. The guidelines for the preparation of an examination question paper for a course in which a visually impaired student is registered are that:
      1. The examination question paper may be copied onto a diskette for translation into Braille. The university may seek the assistance of another agency to do this.
      2. University staff approved by the Registrar or nominee shall supervise the translation of the examination question into Braille.
      3. The examination question papers which have been translated into Braille shall be kept in safe custody by Student Academic Services Examination Section until the time of the examination.
      4. An amanuensis (writer) approved by the Registrar or nominee shall be with the student for the full duration of the examination.
    3. Answering of examination questions shall be as follows:
      1. Multiple Choice Questions: The Amanuensis shall put the mark (as required by the examiner) in the question paper according to the studentís choice of the correct answer.
      2. Where a question requires the filling in of words, the Amanuensis shall fill in the words according to the choices of the student.
      3. Essay-type answers: The student shall use a Braille typewriter or computer to write these.
    4. The Braille answer scripts shall be handled as follows:
      1. The studentís answer script, including those written in Braille, shall be collected by the examination supervisor in accordance with the procedures in the Examination Manual for Examiners and Supervisors and forwarded to Student Academic Services.
      2. The studentís answers which are in Braille shall be translated into ordinary print by a person appointed by the Registrar or nominee. This shall be done under the supervision of university staff approved by the Registrar or nominee.

  3. Examination procedures for any other type of impairment will be determined by the Registrar or nominee.

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