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Information for Subscribers

The Journal of Pacific Studies is published by the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), the University of the South Pacific, Suva. During its inception in 1975, only one issue was produced each year. From the year 1998, two issues were printed. For the first time in 2015, three issues were produced for a single year. 

If payment means of MasterCard or Visa credit card is preferred, then the order must be sent to The Book Centre, USP, Suva, Fiji. Fax: (679) 303 265, Email: maharaj_v(at)

The facility is not available within any other section of the university.

Subscription rates:

Current rates per volume, which are subject to change at any time without notice, are:

Postal: FJD$40.00

Cash (USP Book Centre): FJD$29.95


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