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Information for Contributors

The Journal of Pacific Studies welcomes scholarly articles arising from a wide range of Pacific Studies including, but not limited to, Accounting and Financial Management, Banking Studies, Business Studies, Development Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Labour and Industrial Relations, Land Management and Development, Management, Marine Affairs, Political Studies, Populations Studies, Public Administration, Social Policy, Sociology and Tourism Studies. 

All submissions for consideration to be sent via email the Editor–in–Chief, Professor Arvind Patel (arvind.patel(at) or to the Publications Officer, Shayal Shameeta (shayal.shameeta(at)  The work should not have been published previously and should not be under consideration or preparation for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts submitted will not be returned unless requested.

After initial screening, suitable articles are refereed anonymously, using the following criteria:

  1. whether the paper addresses or explains issues of current concern in the Pacific;
  2. whether it contributes significantly to the available literature and/or advances current debates;
  3. whether it is of original and sound scholarship and treats the literature evenly and fairly; and
  4. whether it is well organised, presenting a clear and well-defined argument in a clear and readable writing style.

Referees’ reports will be available to authors in the cases of both acceptance and rejection. The final decision to publish articles is retained by the editor and the editorial board.

If the article is accepted for publication, more detailed requirements for the preparation of manuscript, disk copy, tables, figures etc. become applicable.

These guidelines will be provided by the Publications Officer as required.

In general matters of style, referencing etc.,  the American Psychological Association (APA) Referencing style will be used. Spelling follows the Concise Oxford Dictionary (i.e. British not American spelling prevail).

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