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Research Grant Applications and Thesis Proposals

Which form to fill when applying for FSTE research fund and/or submitting MASTERS or PHD Thesis proposals

How to fill application for FSTE research grant

When and how to submit FSTE research grant application, or MASTERS/PHD Thesis proposal application


Progress and Final Reports

Who submits progress and final reports?

When and how to submit progress and final reports

Recipient of FSTE research fund:

  1. Annually; fill the form Progress Report for Research Grant
  2. End of project; fill the form Final Report for Research Grant. The final report must be completed within 2 months of the close of the project.

Masters and PhD Candidates:

Read the document Submission of Research Proposals and Progress Reports on when and how to submit the progress reports.

Review of completed Masters and PHD Thesis

Follow guideline titled Review of Completed Thesis: FSTE Procedure

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