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Please submit completed forms to Helpdesk. Click here for contact details.

  • New Telephone Service Form
    • Need a telephone, digital or analogue?
    • Need your fax machine operational, then use the link above.
  • New PIN (Full Service Access) form
    • Need access to make external calls that have been block on your phone, then use this form to request for a PIN.
    • PIN numbers are subject to the approval of your Department Head.
  • Change User Details/Relocation form
    • Need to change the name associated to your phone extension, then use the form link above.
    • Moving to a new location and need your telecommunication service take with you, use the form above.
  • Cancel Telephone Service form
    • Is a user leaving and you need the service to his or her line cancelled, use the link above.
    • This also applies to other services such as facsimile and PIN number cancellation.
  • Other Misc Telephone service form
    • If you are having any other problems that are not described above, please use the link above.
    • This also includes problems to do with telephone programming.
  • For more information on how to use the form, or on the SOLS Billing Systems, please click here.

Note - Please ensure you enable "Word Macros" for the form above.


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