Development -  Strategic Partnerships, Advancement & Communications (SPAC)

Development Office

The Development Office of the University comes under the Development, Marketing and Communications (DMC) Department which is part of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. The Office entails in providing high level strategic advice and analysis relating to donor relations, effective communication with donor partners, drafting of MOUs, project proposals, diplomatic letters and other collaborative agreements, presentations, reports and papers for the Vice Chancellor and President and/or on behalf of the University. 

The Development Office is further responsible for preparing regular reports on current and prospective aid to the University, providing contract management support, and mentoring, facilitating contributions to the University’s relationships with other CROP organizations, and ensuring continuous improvement to the manner in which the University relates to and reports to donors and key stakeholders.

The Development Office continuously holds meetings with the relevant project implementers regarding reporting requirements and expected outcomes under donor funded projects and further maintains a good flow of communication so that the research interests and capabilities of USP staff, and the priorities of member countries, can be matched with donor priorities and funding can be secured. 

Hence, the Development Office upholds the high level consultation arm of the University in maintaining as well as strengthening the University’s diplomatic relationship with donors, diplomatic missions, development partners, international agencies and inter-governmental organisations. 

All donor agreements, proposals, letters, reports and papers for submission to donors, diplomats, international agencies and inter-governmental agencies have to be cleared by the Development Office before it can be sent to the Vice-Chancellor and President for signature. It should be noted that only the Vice-Chancellor and President maintains the authority to sign documents on behalf of the University and this authority can be delegated to other members of the SMT only by the Vice-Chancellor and President. Any donor or government or institutional based agreement signed on behalf of the University which has not been authorised by the Vice-Chancellor and President remains null and void.  

The staff within Development Office report directly to the Development Manager and are namely Regional Scholarships Coordinator (who supervises 6 other staff), Development Finance Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (vacant), Programme Officers (x 2), Regional Engagement Officer and Finance & Admin Assistant. 


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