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Welcome to the Tuvalu Campus

Talofa and welcome to The University of the South Pacific, Tuvalu Campus. Tuvalu, was formerly known as the Ellice Islands in the Gilbert and Ellice Island colony.  It comprises nine islands. These are scattered over 1.2 million square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean stretching in a North-South direction between latitudes 5 and 11 degrees south and over longitudes 176 and 180 degrees east. The total land area is 25.6 square kilometers. The population of Tuvalu is ethnically Polynesian, having close ties with Samoa and Tokelau.  Its local language is closely related to that used in Samoa. The population is estimated to be around 10,000. 

USP Tuvalu Campus

The USP Tuvalu Campus reflects the Tuvalu educational systemís values and remains to be the main provider of higher education educating around close to 330 students every semester. The campus was first established as an extension center in the early 1980s and has since supported print-based teaching and learning.  Currently, courses are also offered via the online and blended mode and students are registered in programs ranging from Certificates and Diplomas in the Pacific Technical and Further Education to Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs.  Masters and Doctor of Philosophy programs are also offered at the Tuvalu USP Campus.   

Due to the accessibility of the USPNet at the Tuvalu campus, students who are studying via the Print, Online and or Blended Mode can also have access to satellite tutorials and lectures students at the USP Laucala campus students have access to.  Face to face tutorials are provided by Part Time Facilitators to Print Mode students and students who study online have access to the Your Tutor program on Moodle for assistance for their course.  Otherwise, volunteer Alumni are always available to mentor and assist students who need help in their courses. 

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