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Welcome to USP Solomon Islands Campus 2020

Dr Patricia Rodie

Warm greetings to you all from the Office of the Campus Director and welcome to The University of the South Pacific (USP) Solomon Islands Campus in this New Year 2020. This year is indeed a challenging year for all of us due to threat posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the USP Leadership saga at the Laucala Campus. Despite these challenges, it is my hope that the rest of Year 2020 will be filled with more positive developments and success.

I hope all of you have settled down after the closure of the Campus for more than a month due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I understand how difficult it was for many of you when the Campus was closed and you were expected to study and work from home with very limited resources. But, I hope the experience had helped you to realise how important it is to own a computer or a Laptop of your own, and to have access to good internet connectivity at home to be able to succeed in your studies and work at USP.

Every year brings us to do things in a new way, this New Year 2020 is no different. One of the new challenges for this year is that we have to get use to the ‘new normal’ brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This includes the new mode of course delivery, the remote teaching and learning mode adopted by the University during the state of emergency throughout region. In addition, we are required to strictly observe health practices that were learnt since our early childhood education years, such as the need to wash our hands regularly and to practice social distancing at home, school, and at work. But, I guess the hardest challenge for many of us is the need to be prepared for Lock Downs as and when enforced by our Government. I hope the two trial Lock downs enforced by the Government over the past two months has taught us a lesson to be prepared at all times in case of a COVID-19 outbreak in our country. Despite all these, we must strive to end this year successfully with better results in our education and work.

As we are about to enter Semester 2 of Year 2020, a new Semester with more challenges ahead, I wish to encourage all of us to do our best in whatever role we play at this Campus to leverage USP-Solomon Islands Campus to a higher intellectual, moral, and cultural grounding.

The USP SI Campus management will continue to work in collaboration with the USP main Campus and key stakeholders to provide quality education opportunities for Solomon Islanders to address the training needs of Solomon Islanders and help leverage the Country’s socio-economic status. With the increasing student enrollment each semester coupled with the limited space at the Campus, the SI Campus management will ensure the construction of the new Campus at the KGVI site kicks off the ground as soon as possible this year.

I wish to thank you all for your dedicated contributions towards the accomplishments of the SI Campus, so far this year, and will keep you informed and updated on developments in the coming months.

Once again, welcome to the USP SI Campus and looking forward to working with you all for the betterment of learning opportunities at this Campus for the rest of this year.


Dr. Patricia Rodie

Acting Campus Director





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