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Welcome to USP Solomon Islands Campus 2019

Prof. Premnarine Misir, Pro Vice-Chancellor, USP Solomon Islands Campus

Welcome to The University of the South Pacific (USP) Solomon Islands Campus and congratulations on choosing to study with us this semester, in this multi-cultural community of vibrant and learned scholars, professionals and friends. At USP Solomon Islands Campus, we are committed to the pursuit of knowledge, truth and lifelong learning, the core business of any University.

At USP Solomon Islands Campus we encourage our students to be independent, creative and active learners. Make the most of your time here as a student and expand your learning beyond the lecture/tutorial rooms and libraries - in arts, sports, music and dance and cultural activities. Participate in as many university activities as possible and acquire the necessary skills and experiences to become a well-educated, well-rounded citizen of Solomon Islands.

As a continuing, resuming or new student, I urge you to fully utilise the diverse services, resources and progressive technology available at USP Solomon Islands Campus, to advance your knowledge and to realise your goals and dreams. Our dedicated and committed staffs are available to help you so do not hesitate to seek them out and ask questions.

To our new students, we encourage you to participate in our success@usp programme, a programme designed specifically to help new students settle into studying by distance and flexible learning.

We hope your time at USP Solomon Islands this semester and in fact, over the next few years will prepare you for an exciting life journey. It offers you the unique opportunity to develop your curiosity about the unknown, question what is known and develop your own theories based on the old and latest international thinking. Knowledge is the key to an economically and politically vibrant Solomon Islands. In you, we groom our leaders for the future caring, knowledgeable, honest and enthusiastic, and always putting others less fortunate before you.

While at USP, you will cross paths with other students and staff who will remain valued and life-long friends and colleagues. The graduates of USP form a network of highly regarded and well-connected leaders in private and public professional life in the Solomon Islands, the region and beyond, an invaluable resource in your career.

USP is your university. It aims to be an integral part of your future, just as we hope you continue to be part of our future.

May your journey with USP, in pursuit of knowledge, truth, academic excellence and lifelong learning, be a rewarding and enjoyable one.

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