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ID Cards

ID Card Photo Requirements

How do I get an ID Card

ID Card photos are taken at the HR Office. HR Assistants will be there to take your photos. IDs will be printed and given to you the same day. Note that it is a requirement to have a new photo taken for every ID card printed.

Features of the ID Card

USP ID Cards are printed on a laminated plastic card. This card has the same size as a credit or a bank card. The ID Card's front face has the USP logo, your staff ID number, name, designation and department together with your photo. It also has a barcode. This barcode has your Library ID encoded into it. Note that the ID Card will have to be encoded by the ITS Helpdesk before it can be used at the Library.

The rear face of the card has a magnetic strip with security encoding, a signature strip and a barcode with your staff ID number encoded into it.

Who Gets an ID Card

The University ID Card is provided to all contracted staff members. All Senior, Intermediate and Junior, and Permanent Hourly Paid staff members are issued an ID card when they start work at the University.

Card Expiry

ID Cards for contracted staff have an expiry date printed below the photo. This is the same as the end date of your contract. If you are entering into a new contract, you will need to acquire a new ID card. This will be done for free so do not hesitate to get one done.

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