Human Resources

Human Resources

Performance Management (SDA - iPerform)

“People are the prime assets of the University. It is essential that, as administration becomes increasingly managerial and performance oriented, deliberate efforts be made to improve conditions, incentives and motivation of those who work for the University. The University must compare its performance and the benefits it offers against international comparators, and strive for appropriate comparability. It must make explicit how much it values its staff.”

(A Regional University of Excellence- Weaving the Past and the Present for the Future, 2004). Extracted from the iPerform webpage).

Staff Development & Appraisal (SDA) - iPerform

-SDA Procedure Guides;
  -Academic - (See the Appendix for detailed information on the Domains)
  -Senior Management Team - Staff

-SDA iPerform Online System Guides (Step by step instructions on how to use iPerform);
  - Academic
  - Professional

-Staff Development & Appraisal Process Presentations;
 - Academic Staff Development and Appraisal Process Presentation
 - Professional Staff Development and Appraisal Process Presentation

-USP Staff Development and Appraisal; Glossary of Terms
 - Glossary
-Quality of Teaching, Quality of Research Booklet (QoT, QoR)
 - Academic Development and Assessment Criteria    (Academic Assessments Levels for Development, Performance and Promotion)

SDA Training and Awareness

-Staff Training Resources
  -Moodle Instructions
  -Case Study A
  -Case Study B
  -Mock Appraisal

-Supervisor Training Resources


Instructions on how and where to view documents on SDA Moodle

Staff Development & Appraisal (SDA) On-Line System
1.        Log on to USP Webpage, click on Quick Links
      Log in with Username and password
From the Staff Online Services (SOLS), Click on Performance Management Development, click on the following:
Performance Achievements
Development Plans

Staff Information
7.        Performance Achievement Assessment
USP Behaviors & Values

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