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Home Safety & Security

On Campus

Accommodation on-campus is within a secure compound which security guards patrol, but care still needs to be taken.

Off Campus

By installing simple effective security measures such as deadlocks, window locks and security grills, you can drastically reduce the chances of your home being burgled.

How You Can Protect Your Home?

Securing for Holidays 

Remember that a good neighbour can be as effective as a police patrol in protecting your home while you are away.

In all the excitement and rush to organise your holiday, it's very easy to forget things - and we're not talking about toothbrushes!

Many burglaries occur when home owners are away on holidays. A house left empty for some time is a potential target for intruders.

By taking some precautions and giving your home a lived-in look before you go on holidays, you can substantially reduce the risk of burglary.

Some Simple Steps To Protect Your Home While On Holidays

More Information on Home Security

If you live on campus, the Chief of Security on campus can be contacted on Ext. 32207 and senior security staff on 32211 and 32531.

If you live off campus, the police emergency number is 917, and fire brigade and ambulance are 911. For more information, contact your local Crime Stoppers on http://www.police.gov.fj/

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