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Policy and Procedure Proposals

As all international collaborations have implications for institutional reputation, development, resourcing and longer term development, the proposal is made that a formal point of contact be put in place for centralizing all such agreements.  In due course as international activity increases it may become necessary to establish an International Office.

Currently it is recommended that an International Collaborations Approval Group (ICAG) is established to provide the necessary focus, advice, screening and procedural regulation.   In addition ICAG, through the Registrarís office, would maintain a Central Register of agreements and related documents and oversee the provision of web based template documentation and guidelines.

The following describes the recommended responsibilities, authority and procedures to be assigned to ICAG

Outline Agreement Approval Process
Establishment of a MoU, formal agreement or implementation plan must not be progressed beyond verbal expressions of interest without agreement by the Dean and with permission to proceed from ICAG.  Permission to proceed will be sought using standard documentation (appendix A).  Typically a Faculty, School or Department representative then initiates the agreement process by working collaboratively with a partner institution using the appropriate standard USP template, or an acceptable (ICAG approved) document from the collaborating establishment. Procedure to be followed and examples for facilitating this process are set out in the Guidelines (appendix B).

International Collaborations Approval Committee
On behalf of the Vice Chancellor of USP, ICAG must review all international collaboration proposals. Once a draft agreement for MoUs and Implementation Plans has been agreed upon at the Faculty level or the equivalent of both institutions, it should be sent to ICAG for review and approval.  ICAG will at that stage notify the Vice Chancellorís Office of the draft documentation.  ICAG may require the Faculty to consult with other relevant campus authorities and to obtain any consequent necessary approval.  Following final approval by ICAG, the agreement document will be submitted to the Vice Chancellorís Office for authorization.

ICAG Membership (Period of office 2 years renewable)

Chair (member of SMG appointed by the Vice Chancellor)
Co-options up to 3 as required

Vice Chancellorís Office
Final approval must be through the Vice-Chancellorís office however, it is important to note that the VC is not necessarily the signatory of the agreement. There must be clear sighting and approval by the Vice-Chancellor before the University is committed to international agreements and relationships. The equivalent person on both sides of the affiliation should sign the agreement at the level of Dean, Vice Chancellor, or other delegated authority in the collaborating institution.

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