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EIAs have been carried out for quarries, tourism, and fisheries industry developments, water bottling projects and others. Environmental monitoring has been mainly marine and fresh water quality monitoring and marine biological assessments. Recently the unit has also been involved in socio-economic and environmental economics assessments.

Water sampling

Water quality testing

The IAS team that conducts the EIAs include IAS Senior staff and postgraduates, from various sections such as the Herbarium, Analytical and the Environment unit. This brings together a plethora of talents and specialties, each particular to their own profession.

Some of the EIAs the team have undertaken include:

  1. 1991: Pacific Fishing Company: environmental monitoring report for 1991
  2. 1993: Recent coral growth and sedimentation around Eluvuka (Treasure Island), Mamanuca group, Western Fiji
  3. 1994:Environmental change around Eluvuka Island (Treasure Island), Mamanuca group, Western Fiji
  4. 1995/6: Baseline Water Quality and Coral Reef Assessment for PAFCO - Levuka.
  5. 1996: Environmental assessment of the proposed area for the expansion of Natovi Jetty
  6. 2000: Sediment transport, currents and reef habitats in the Navua River estuary and in-shore waters: a baseline study for the proposed Navua River dredging project
  7. 2000: Algal proliferation on Balavu Reef, Ovalau Island: causes, consequences and recommendations
  8. 2001: Water Quality in the ports of Fiji: Survey of various ports and industrial point sources of pollution
  9. 2001: Investigation of current flow, sedimentation and health of the marine ecosystem in Yanuca Channel, Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Cuvu, Sigatoka
  10. 2002: Shoreline erosion and algal deposition around Eluvuka,Treasure Island, Mamanuca Group, Western Fiji with comments on nearby Islands
  11. FEB 2003: Partial Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed water bottling project at Johnson, Lautoka by Mineral waters,
  12. FEB 2005: Coastal water quality and ecological studies of proposed site for Bua Bay port development, Wairiki, Bua,
  13. EIA for a Proposed Industrial Subdivision at Matata, Lami by Qaravatu Industrial Ltd,
  14. MAR 2005: Marine baseline survey of Champagne beach, Yasawa Island, Yasawas,
  15. DEC 2005: Marine baseline survey and coastal water quality study of Anchorage beach resort, Vuda point,
  16. OCT 2005: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report: Proposed Viwa Lodge Resort Development, Viwa Island.
  17. 2005: Coastal water quality and marine baseline studies of the proposed site for FPCL (Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd) Rokobili Port Development, Suva and assessment of potential impacts
  18. 2007: Environmental impact assessment of the Marine Shipyard dredging project

For more information or if you need a quote for an EIA, please email Ms. Bale Tamata on tamata_b(at)usp.a.cfj.

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