Samoa -  Institute of Education - The Pride Project


The National Coordinator for Samoa Islands is:
Mrs Doreen Roebeck Tuala
Assistant CEO for Curriculum, Material & Assessment Division

e-mail: droebeck(at)

Tel: (685) 24614 Fax: (685) 20004

Sub Project activities

Sam_000 Strategic Plan Development - Completed

Sam_001 Implementation of additional secondary vocational subjects - Completed

Sam_002 Development of sustainable system of Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities - Completed

Sam_003 Development of Courses for Second Chance Education - Completed

Sam_004 National Workshop on Partnership in Achieving Samoa Literacy - Completed

Sam_005 Multi Grade Teaching - Completed

Sam_006 Information Literacy Primary school teachers - Completed

Sam_007 EFA Mid Decade Assessment - Completed

Sam_008 MESC Workshop EFA - Completed

Sam_009 MidTerm Review of the MESC Corporate Plan - Completed

Sam_010 Integrating TVET in Formal Education System - Currently being implemented

Sam_011 Implementation and Monitoring of AFE - Currently being implemented

Sam_012 School Library Assistants Training course - Completed


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