Current Students

Faculty of Business and Economics

The Faculty's academic focus is directed towards developing professionals who can sustain and develop the work of the public and private sectors of the region's economies. The Faculty of Business and Economics offers certificate, diploma and bachelorís degree programs, as well as programs at postgraduate level. The programs offer opportunities either to specialise in a particular academic discipline or alternatively to obtain a general business education. All programs are designed to provide the graduate with an understanding of how specialist skills can contribute to the overall commercial environment. Opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary studies exist and students are encouraged to consider these. A double major with the Bachelor of Commerce including Information Systems (a discipline offered by the School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Technology) is expected to be especially popular.

Academic Advisors

Graduate School of Business

Mr Mesake Nawari
Ph: (679) 3231393


School of Accounting and Finance

Professor Arvind Patel
Email: arvind.patel(at) 
Ph: (679) 323 2703


Dr Nacanieli Rika
Email: rika_n(at) 
Ph: (679) 323 2570


Dr. Lusiana Kanaenabogi
Email: lusiana.kanaenabogi(at)
Ph; (679) 3232284


School of Agriculture & Food Technology

Animal Science

Dr Nanda Kumar Desai
Email: nandakumar.desai(at)
Ph: (685) 21671


Crop Science

Mr. Falaniko Amosa
Email: falaniko.amosa(at)
Ph: (685) 21671


School of Economics


Dr Rup Singh
Email: rup.singh(at)
Ph: (679) 323 2172


Population Studies and Demography & Official Statistic

Dr. Alessio Cangiano
Email: alessio.cangiano(at)
Ph: (679) 3232177


School of Management and Public Administration

Dr Rafia Naz
Email: rafia.naz(at)
Ph: (679) 323 1781


Mr Jone Lako
Email: jone.lako(at)
Ph: (679) 323 2487


Dr. Suwastika Naidu
Email: suwastika.naidu(at)
Ph: (679) 3232245


Ms. Maureen Dayal
Email: maureen.dayal(at)
Ph: (679) 3232245


School of Government, Development and International Affairs

Development Studies

Assoc. Prof Manoranjan Mohanty
Email: manoranjan.mohanty(at)
Ph: (679) 323 2537



Dr Haruo Nakagawa
Email: nakagawa_h
(at) (679) 323 2166


Politics and International Affairs
Dr Sandra Tarte
Email: sandra.tarte(at)
Ph: (679) 3232577


School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Dr Dawn Gibson
Email: dawn.gibson(at)
Ph: (679) 323 2814


School of Land Management and Development

Dr Kenneth Chambers
Email: kenneth.chambers(at)
Ph: (679) 323 2457



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