Current Students

Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

The programs and courses offered by the schools of the Faculty of Science,  Technology and Environment place emphasis on general principles across a broad spectrum, rather than narrow specialisation. Through this approach the Faculty hopes to produce graduates with the flexible outlook required to adapt to a body of knowledge that is changing at an accelerating pace, as pure and applied scientists are in high demand in many of the USP member countries. Many Bachelor of Science students take two major disciplines, or one major and two minor disciplines in their degree, providing a broad base for their future employment. A strong research culture in the Faculty encourages many Science graduates to continue their studies at a postgraduate level.

Academic Advisors


School of Computing, 
Information and 
Mathematical Sciences


School of Biological and 
Chemical Sciences


School of Engineering 
And Physics

Prof. Peter Croll (HoS)
Email:  peter.croll(at)   
Phone: +679 32 32298
Ext: 32298

Asst Prof. M G M Khan (DHoS)
Email: mgm.khan(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32507
Ext: 32507

Dr. Robin Havea (DHoS)
Email: robin.havea(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32607
Ext: 32607

Prof. Surendra Prasad (HoS)
Email: surendra.prasad(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32416
Ext: 32 32416 

Dr. Ketan Christi (DHoS)  Acting HoS until 20th January
Email: ketan.christi(at)  
Phone:  +679 32 32425
Ext: 32425

Prof. Maurizio Cirrincione (HoS)
Email: maurizio.cirrincione(at)   
Phone: +679 32 32419
Ext: 32419

Dr. Mansour Assaf (DHoS) 
Email: mansour.assaf(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32593
Ext: 32593



School of Geography, Earth Science 
And Environment


School of Marine Studies

Dr. Juergen Boehmer (HoS)
Email: juergen.boehmer(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32845
Ext: 32845

Dr. Holger Sommer -  Acting HoS until 20th January
Email: holger.sommer(at)
Phone: +679 32 31507
Ext: 31507


Prof. Ciro Rico (HoS)
Email: ciro.rico(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32933
Ext: 32933

Dr. Marta Ferreira -  (DHoS)
Email: marta.ferreira(at)  
Phone: +679 32 32836
Ext: 32836



Please note that the above listed staff will only be involved in academic advising/ counselling while all approvals will be done by FSTE Dean:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Anjeela Jokhan (Dean)
Email: anjeela.jokhan(at) 
Phone: +679 32 32567
Ext: 32567






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